Credit goes to my affiliate Michael from Michael’s Winx Club and WinxClubRUS for this news!

Late yesterday, Michael shared four screenshots from what looks like the World of Winx season two trailer. They show a new character, the Spirit of the Forest from season one, and three of the Winx in a new transformation. Visit his site to see them!

WinxClubRUS claims the new transformation is called Onirix (or possibly Oneirix). The name comes from the Greek word oneiros, which means “dream.” In Greek mythology, the Oneiroi are spirits of dreams and nightmares that appear in stories such as Homer’s Odyssey. I don’t know where WinxClubRUS got this info from, though, so we’ll see if Michael can confirm it.

Another dream-based transformation? Is it connected to Dreamix? Maybe it’s a dark form of it. Here’s a theory: what if someone — maybe the new character — corrupts the Winx’s Dreamix magic?

Before you say, “Two transformations in one season again?” let me reiterate. This is World of Winx season two. Not season one, part II. Season two.

We’re used to Winx Club seasons having 26 episodes each. But World of Winx is a separate show, so it doesn’t have to follow the same structure. Those 13 episodes formed a complete story with a hook at the end (no pun intended) leading into the next season.

That said, what do you think of this new transformation?


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21 Responses to ““World of Winx” Season 2 News: New Character, New Transformation Revealed

  1. Surprisingly, I’m somewhat accepting of Oneirix. From Michael’s screenshots, it doesn’t look all that different from Dreamix and, from what we know so far, the two are closely related to one thing: dreams. Unlike the secondary transformations that end up feeling like filler in the main series that have completely different themes and uses from what’s supposed to be the main transformation (Bloomix and Mythix, Butterflix and Tynix), Oneirix looks like a secondary Dreamix, if that makes sense.
    If anything, Season 2 looks like it’s going to get really heavy. How would Oneirix even be acquired?

  2. Wow, Stella is really resembling Queen Luna! And here’s a thought: do you think she might use moon magic in this transformation?

    • Maybe not, I she hasn’t really used it in a long time.

      Also don’t the Winx seem to resemble their mothers alot? I mean Bloom looks a lot like Marion.

      • I think Stella’s only ever had one moon-based spell: Lunar Magnetism in season two. All the rest of her spells have been sun-based. I wrote a post about this a while ago, but to me, she might as well have been a sun fairy the whole time.

        • Actually she went from being “The Fairy of the Sun and the Moon” to “Fairy of the Shining Sun”, so I’m pretty sure she is a whole sun fairy by now.

  3. My problem with another transformation is, that we know so little about Dreamix. There are so many unanswered questions (e.g where did it come from? Why did the Winx suddenly reach it? What makes this transformation different from previous ones?)
    For now, Dreamix seems like another Harmonix-like transformation with it’s sole purpose to enter a new world. That’s a real waste of potential in my opinion.

    We’ll see how the writers handled it. I’m very curious!

  4. The spirit of nature looks like a Clow Card.

    I think that’s the darkest color scheme of any transformation so far, and I like it for that reason but otherwise it kinda looks like a toned-down Dreamix with added costume jewelry and flowers. Not the greatest style-wise, but I wonder if the spirit of nature gives it to them and that’s why the flowers. We’ll have to wait and see what the rest of the girls’ outfits looks like.

    And as Alex said, I’d love to know more about Dreamix too, why they got it, what the Realm of Dreams has to do with… well, anything. I don’t know if we’ll find out, but I loved the first half of Wow and it left me with so many unanswered questions I can’t wait for the second half.

  5. …I’m intrigued. A lot.

    I still haven’t actually seen season one of WoW yet because I still don’t have Netflix, but frankly at this point I may as well watch them on YouTube or something. So here are my random reactions to out-of-context things:

    I don’t know if anyone on here watches the show LoliRock, but the “mystery character” reminds me of Lev from that cartoon. I think it’s because a) Lev’s magic is colored yellow, and the picture is radiating with yellow light, and b) the character is wearing gloves and what looks like dark clothing, and Lev is the show’s resident “anime bad boy.” At first I thought the character was a male, but then I looked closer and thought they were a female, but then I looked closer again and went back to thinking they were male. Also, it looks to me like they’re weilding a sword, so who even knows what’s going on. In any case, they look like a villain to me. Or potentially the person who gave the Winx their “Onirix” (or whatever it’s actually called)?

    Speaking of “Onirix,” I think it looks really cool. (I have mixed feelings on the name. It’s mainly because my brain is pronouncing it weirdly, so I would need to hear how it was actually pronounced.) It’s interesting to see the Winx in darker variants of their regular colors. As to your theory about the corruption of Dreamix: to me, that looks like a possibility for Stella, but Flora and Musa don’t look super villainous to me. Green and red are colors that these two (Flora and Musa) wear a lot, whereas the last time I remember Stella having blue in a transformation was Enchantix (and it was barely there). Stella’s costume just looks more aggressive and dark than the other two’s to me. As well as their facial expressions: Stella looks ready to attack someone, while Flora and Musa look bewildered. (But then again, the faces could have been taken out of context and actually mean something completely different.)

    My last random thought: the Spirit of the Forest reminds me of Daphne because her eyes have no irises or pupils.

  6. Stella has blue in a transformation again, my heart is full of joy.

    I agree with Cupcakedoll, it does look like a Clow Card, like a mix of Wood and Windy.

    The outfits for Oneirix/Onirix seem like a mix of Tynix and Dreamix, and for some reason I see a vibe of the W.I.T.C.H. series’ Guardian outfits, mainly on Musa (altough they also remind me of their Charmix looks as well). It does give me the feeling of Dreamix being Harmonix ver. 2, though, since we still don’t know much about it and suddenly a new transformation arrives,

    As for the guy in silhouette, with dagger and all, maybe is WOW’s/Neverland’s version of a Specialist? Altough it may also be a renegade of sorts, someone who was once loyal ton Tinkerbell/Hook and defected.

    Also, a minor correction on Stella: she had two moon-related spells, RAI ver. Charmix’s “Lunar Magnetism” and Enchantix’s “Enchanted Moon Shield”.

    • I feel like Stella also had a moon spell in season four, but maybe I’m wrong.

      • There was Double eclipse but most of Stella’s moon spells are really just reflected solar energy spells (as the moon is by all accounts a giant rocky mirror) so all 4 moon spells are really just smaller indirect sun spells.

  7. Okay, I did not see this coming. I was one of those people who staunchly believed Dreamix was still going to be the only transformation in WoW. Kinda digging the darker look, but I’m salty that Stella wears blue, which means they’ll probably stick Bloom in a pink outfit, and Bloom in pink is the single most rage inducing fashion choice in this entire franchise.

    • Update: If the pic WinxClubRus posted is legit then I take that back. This looks like the worst transformation ever, and I’ve lived through Sirenix and Butterflix. Musa is the only one that looks good, followed by Aisha. Everyone else looks horrendous. They made a new unnecessary transformation, the least they could have done is make them look good. My excitement for season 2 just plummeted to the bottom of the Infinite Ocean. I’ve been staring at the picture for 10 minutes straight in hopes that it’ll get better, but it just looks the longer I look at it.

      • Wow… 😅 On the other hand, I like it a lot. I agree that Musa and Aisha look the best, but I don’t mind the others that much. The transformation looks very elegant to me.

        Who said it was unnecessary? We don’t know the story yet, so I think that’s jumping to conclusions. Yes, they could have kept Dreamix the whole time, but let’s at least see how Onyrix fits into the story before judging its worth.

        • Don’t get me wrong, OP, you probably know I’m the biggest Winx apologist out there, but this transfomation… I’m sorry but it’s just so… *sobbing* ugly… I think it’s the colors that don’t sit very well with me, and the weird billowing pants that somehow remind me of W.I.T.C.H. Oh well, we’ll see how this goes. Still not fond of the color scheme they picked for the girls, or Tecna’s bizarre hairstyle for that matter.

          • I didn’t say that to defend the show. 😕 I honestly like these looks. When I first saw their Dreamix looks, I didn’t like them, but they grew on me eventually. When I saw these looks, I liked them right away. Different aesthetic tastes, I guess.

  8. I wonder if in that one season 2 pic on Michael’s site that has the shadow of a boy emitting golden light is (put a spoiler tag if necessary OP because i might be right here)… Peter Pan himself. It’s about time for him, can’t do a proper Neverland tale without Peter Pan vs Pirates and it will get ugly if that battle happens.

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