What I Didn’t Like

  1. The pacing: Too choppy and fast, especially in the first few episodes
  2. The dialogue: Too much “Shyamalaning” (repetition); too much filler (like the Winx praising each other); lots of cheesy lines, even in serious scenes
  3. The pop star side plot: Interfered with the main plot; felt like filler; made scenes where people didn’t recognize the Winx seem silly
  4. Fewer fairy scenes: Too many spy and pop star scenes instead (first season had better mix)
  5. How the Winx gained Onyrix: No explanation; “evolution” idea felt cheap
  6. Onyrix’s limitations: More powerful spells, but no different from Dreamix except for appearance; the Winx couldn’t use it on Earth, which made no sense
  7. Aisha’s personality: Too aggressive and angry; not enough (or any) of her gentle side from Winx Club
  8. The returning Neverlanders: Seemed dumber and less intimidating than in the first season (especially Smee and the zombie pirates)
  9. Musa and Flora’s nemeses: Based on their powers instead of character flaws
  10. Tecna’s character flaw: Felt made up on the spot; not enough built up to her nemesis (she wasn’t acting like a “control freak” before that episode)
  11. The prophecy: Random; added nothing to the story
  12. Matt and Tinkerbell’s love story: Shallow and rushed; felt creepy since Tinkerbell loved his father, too
  13. Venomya’s role: Felt out of place in the story; could have been better integrated, even if she’s next season’s villain

What I Liked

  1. The animation: Lots of improvement, even from season one
  2. The Winx’s new spells: Creative uses of magic like Flora traveling through Earth’s root system, Stella bending lasers, etc. (I’d like to see more spells like this in Winx Club)
  3. Matt: Entertaining new character; good character development
  4. The nemeses: Cool and intimidating character designs; interesting fight scenes with them
  5. The new outfits: Too many to keep track of, but all beautiful
  6. The overall story: Enjoyable; good integration and adaptation of the Peter Pan characters
  7. Stella’s back story: Moving and relatable scene; added much-needed depth to her character
  8. Finale (in Neverland): Stakes felt high; nice twist with Smee saving the day
  9. Cliffhanger: Interesting set up for a possible season three

Overall Thoughts

I prefer season one for the structure, dialogue, and character personalities, but I prefer season two for the action, magic, and overall story. World of Winx is okay to me, but because it’s an alternate universe, I treat it the same way as PopPixie. They’re both just fun side stories, as well as ways for Rainbow to try new ideas.

Regardless of the cliffhanger, I don’t want a season three. I wish instead of continuing to make a separate show, Rainbow would put these ideas into Winx Club (except the spy stuff). World of Winx would have been just as good if it had been Winx season eight. Plus, it would have restored the fanbase’s love for Winx Club. Instead, many fans seem ready to abandon it for good and only watch WoW from now on.

Still, this show proves Rainbow isn’t “out of ideas” and can still make good seasons with these characters. I hope the writers learned from this experience and filled Winx season eight with the same depth and creativity.

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158 Responses to ““World of Winx” Season 2 Review

  1. i only watched part of season 1 and i only watched season 2 for the nemesis but i think if you combined the two they might make a good season 8 and did anyone else notice that the good tinkerbell went from looking like a dark icy to looking like daphne

    • Yeah though this raises question on how and way that happened. I mean in the main series dark fairies are not natural (Witches are the dark magic equilateral and they exist as the opposites of fairies) but this is spin off so who knows. Maybe in her grief she passed into the realm of nightmares?

      Whatever the case may be… Tinker bell is in love with Pater Pan son… I would rather not talk about that.

  2. Yep, good ideas slightly clunkly execution…step up from 5-7, but points off for why can’t Onyrix be used on Earth? Nice twist with Tink’s true form looking like Daphne to a degree…and matt kinda resembles Thoren. You don’t think that if there is a season 3 that maybe they’ll show up do you? Again a season 3 might not happen but the way Tink looks is a suspiciously similar substitute.

    • Unless of course they just move away from Neverland and get a new transformation with no answers.

      Which might just happen.

  3. WoW is probably both a good and bad thing. On one hand it’s out of continiuty with Winx Club meaning any changes it makes does not effect Winx Club and this means the writers are free to do new things. However they are the same ones who wrote doing the dip in quality and it’s clear that season 2 is showing signs of the same problem. Also because it’s aimed at older fans it might alianate the main series.

    All in all my thoughts on WoW is that if it makes a 3rd season at least have it end with it and focus on the main series.

  4. Mm. Well, I agree with most of your didn’t-likes. Except Musa and Flora’s nemeses are my favorites in design and powers so i didn’t want to say anything against them. Musa’s had that evil duchess vibe (Cinderella’s stepmother really) combining it with the Japanese feudal noblewomen with that fan held up to her face 😀
    Also, what about Flora’s power display? That’s something we rarely see from her, I think!
    I don’t even think Onyrix was more powerful than Dreamix. It at the very most let them go to Neverland without using that watch from season 1 – by automatically transporting them there the moment they assumed it like Mythix.
    How come Stella knows more about mermaid-attitude than Aisha? Is it because her fairy sign is Mermaid?
    Seriously, I thought I was the only one finding the dialogue more childish than before! It was cheesy, and it was something that they could have easily avoided!
    I like the dilemma with forgiving Tinkerbell enough to overlook the flaws in that lovestory (aside from loving Peter’s son after him).
    Vertigo reminded me of Icy. Icy gives that smile very often and that bouffant hairdo felt like a revision of Icy’s huge ponytails.

    • Seriously, I thought I was the only one finding the dialogue more childish than before! It was cheesy, and it was something that they could have easily avoided!

      I hated it. I almost couldn’t get through the season because of it. It sounded so awkward. I liked season one’s script more.

      • Same.
        By the way OP, any chance I could talk to you about anime for a little bit on a separate platform? Very few people who I know to have watched Winx happen to be anime fans like me. 😀 Just a thought.

        • Sure, but my anime knowledge isn’t that extensive. 😅 I watch a lot of obscure shows, not many of the super popular ones. They’re mostly fantasy or magical girl shows, too (because wherever you go, there you are), except my childhood love Digimon. 😁

  5. I liked Season 2, but i liked Season 1 more.
    I can agree with some points on disliking it.
    The pirates were so dumb, instantly, i thought like, why?
    She were trying to be funny. But they where absolutly annoying.
    Sometimes i felt like it was more becoming like Winx Club.
    Onyrix was practicaly useless. It was very poor excuted.
    I never saw how it was a stronger version of Dreamix in any way.
    But meanwhile Onyrix is fine with me. I hadn’t that much problem with that
    in the meantime. The scenes were fine to say that.
    I liked the nemesis’ especially Stella and Bloom’s versions.
    Vertigo was the best, she was so intimidating and creepy.
    She even creeped the h**l out of my sister – which isn’t even a Winx fan.

    I hadn’t expected a Season 3 too. I think they should’ve stayed with 2 seasons.
    It’s enough. The story is over. Which story is the witch?
    Hansel and Gretel? I’m just joking.

  6. I’m okay with WoW being a separate show, because it’s obvious that it’s so far removed from the main show’s universe that mixing it in would just not work, even if you remove the spy stuff. I also don’t think WoW supposedly ‘taking away’ fans’ interest in the main show is a bad thing. Like you said, Winx Club doesn’t cater to the older fans anymore, and we shouldn’t demand that it does. Then why shouldn’t the older fans who might enjoy WoW more get a separate show that they can enjoy? It only seems fair.

    Let’s not pit these two shows against each other. After all, they’re part of the same franchise, and were created by the same team of people. I’d go as far as to say WoW is more relevant to the main show than Pop Pixie ever was. You can like both, it’s not mutually exclusive. You don’t have to demean one to prop up the other (“Oh, WoW is so much better than the childish seasons 5-7″ because *lists out all the things WoW does better than seasons 5-7*”, or the opposite stance, “I know seasons 5-7 has problems, but WoW isn’t any better because *lists out problems with WoW to make seasons 5-7 look better in comparison*”).

    Also, I mean ‘you’ as in a general ‘you’, not you specifically, OP.

    • I wish people weren’t pitting Winx Club and WoW against each other, but they are. “WoW is better than Winx Club! This is so much better than seasons 5-7! I’d rather have another season of WoW than another season of Winx Club!” If these fans abandon the main series, I hope new fans will take their places.

      As for me, I agree that it’s fine to like both. However, I also think it’s fine to criticize both, and I feel like some fans (not you and anyone else here) aren’t willing to acknowledge the flaws in WoW because they liked it. When your overall opinion of something is positive, you tend to downplay or ignore the flaws. When your overall opinion is negative, you magnify every flaw. That’s what it feels like is happening here.

  7. Now that I think about it, the only thing Onyrix did was give the girls better control over their powers. Bloom was finally using fireballs instead of having her fire pop onto things, Stella could bend the security lasers and her Onyrix powers let her see into the past through a flash of light, Flora used more than just vines for once, Musa could track sounds, Tecna could create a better variety of shields, turn her eyes into hyperfocused cameras, etc. and Aisha was finally seen controlling liquids other than water and her Morphix. But yeah, it was a huge letdown that it seemed like they couldn’t use it on Earth and that there were even less bits of magic.
    And yeah! Aisha’s personality really rubbed me the wrong way. Not just in this season but WoW overall. She’s much more aggressive, hotheaded and stubborn here than in Winx Club, where she can think rationally and act as an appropriate co-leader/second-in-command (her distrust in people just makes her more skeptical when they “turn around”). I liked that she was sassy but S2 kinda amps that up to 11 with her interactions with Matt. It’s like she wanted to pummel him into the ground every time he spoke and, if that were the case, I’m surprised she hasn’t done so with Stella, since she and Matt are actually really similar in personality. It’s kinda funny how Sinka, her nemesis, was the one who fell flat to me.
    I kinda wish they had a better grasp on the pacing. It probably could’ve flowed better if they wrote around or just scrapped the pop star subplot (seriously, what was stopping them from just announcing a hiatus?). There’d be so many episodes where SO MUCH happens and other times where it feels like a well-paced episode. I also wasn’t a fan of Smee being dumbed down. This is the same guy who acted under Tinkerbell and stayed loyal to Jim all while Tinkerbell didn’t suspect him!
    I also feel like him being Matt’s kidnapper just ruined the surprise that was his being betrayed/Jim’s betrayal. You can spot Smee a mile away the moment he steps on screen, his octopus powers didn’t help to hide anything and, starting this season, all he does is take Jim’s orders. It was just so obvious that Jim was using him.

    Overall, I have to agree with you about WoW’s continuation. While I’m a bigger fan of this over Winx Club right now, I’m still hoping that the writers use WoW as a base for writing Season 8. I want to see the Winx with well-written characteristics and personalities again, I want to see them use their powers creatively, I want to see more complex villains. Even if it’s aimed at kids as young as 4, it’s not like kids can’t gravitate towards serious villains who aren’t reduced to jokes (the Trix (ironically they weren’t like this is S7), Kalshara and Brafilius, etc), and I want to see transformations that allow for the Winx to think their ways out of situations. I’m also hoping that maybe, just maybe, the boys won’t be relegated to just being boyfriends and fiancées. They used to go on missions and do their own things!
    I know I’m asking for A TON but I’m not ready to drop Winx Club yet. They want to get to 10 seasons and I want to see that. WoW shows that these writers can be talented when they want to and I want to see them continuing being just that as they progress the show. I can agree with people on how WoW seems better than Seasons 5 and 6 because everything feels less forced but I’m not dropping either or holding one over the other. If I did that, I’d be slamming PopPixie just for being a series about the Pixies, who I can’t stand.

    • What you said about Onyrix made me realize something. Rainbow can’t do much else with the Winx’s magic in World of Winx, except dip into Winx Club‘s playbook and give the girls special spells. Their Onyrix magic felt fully developed, as if they’d gained absolute control over their elements. Even when they reached Enchantix, they weren’t this powerful.

      If World of Winx continues, we know Rainbow will create another transformation. They always do. What other spells could they come up that would top this? It’s almost a letdown because now when/if the Winx ever become this powerful in Winx Club, we’ll have already seen this so it won’t feel as impressive.

      For example, Aisha’s goal has always been to be able to control all liquids. She hasn’t accomplished it in Winx Club yet, but she already has in just two seasons of World of Winx. I still wanna see it happen in Winx Club, but now it’ll feel like she’s just catching up to her WoW incarnation.

      • I’m starting to think WoW is showing what the Winx in Winx Club could do if they actually applied themselves. Befitting different canons the Winx in WoW took up not trying to tell people about their magic had to find creative ways around this while the main Winx Club, Winx had to just be spontaneous at it for their goals. Its likely they don’t have much thought at it seeing how they always spend time transforming and fighting with their full magical power and aren’t use to having to find ways to hide it. Give them the motivations to do so they would be more the capable of doing this and more.

        • That feels like it’s going to be a major detriment to the main series though. As OP put it, we’ve seen Aisha have better control over fluids in WoW, truly becoming the Fairy of Fluids she’s wanted to be. Yet, in Winx Club, she’s just not starting to use water over her Morphix with Butterflix and Tynix. Aisha in Winx Club by Season 7 has already made it to S1 WoW’s Aisha’s STARTING POINT and it seems like she’s just gonna be playing catch-up.
          There are also issues with writing as the Winx never really had to think out of situations while using their magic discretely. Season 4 was the best we got with that and other times when they DO need to combat a villain without trying to out themselves, they just transform immediately which risks outing themselves anyway. In WoW, we see that they can use their magic without having to transform, much like witches and wizards in Winx Club. It certainly doesn’t help that the Winx don’t even have to hide their powers anymore and have basically become ultra famous interdimensional celebrities.
          The writing recently has also made it so the Winx are just told where to go, while in WoW, they have to actively figure out what their next step needs to be. We get to see them all use their brains, more so with Flora as she has never really been the one for tactics in Winx Club unless they were fighting a monstrous animal or plant that she felt she needed to connect with first.

          • This is why I wish Rainbow would end WoW and focus on Winx Club again. Most fans have given up on Winx Club and think it can never be as good as WoW. Why can’t it be? One season at a time. We never know what could happen.

            But as long as WoW exists, that will likely be true. Rainbow’s putting all this effort and creativity into a spinoff series when they could be putting it into Winx Club. In some ways, it feels like a waste. Yes, WoW is “Winx Club for older fans” (in a sense), but it wouldn’t be needed if Rainbow would just put these ideas into the main series.

            I’m hoping Rainbow realized that. I hate the thought of them saying, “That’s a great idea, but it’s too good for Winx Club. Let’s put it in WoW.” I’m exaggerating here, but I hope you get my point.

          • Well a bit with Aisha in the main show she’s the Fairy of Waves. Though their have been times the Winx has other abilities in Winx Club but never used them more then once.

            Stella showed she could basically teleport at will in season 3 episode 20 but never did so again. Flora could control rocks, Bloom could heal bring people either near of from (depending how you see it death but they just never bring it up.

            Its kinda a shame really it feels like Rainbow putting more effort in using the Winx powers creatively or their seconardy abilities in the spin off when its not that hard to put it in the main series. I’m disappointed they feel the need to abandon crearivity for Winx Club because of WoW.

          • I’m disappointed they feel the need to abandon crearivity for Winx Club because of WoW.

            WoW was produced after season seven. Let’s see what season eight is like first. My worry is things could become that way if Rainbow continues WoW; they may reserve some of their ideas for WoW instead of just putting them in Winx Club. I’m hoping Winx season eight will prove that theory wrong.

          • @TOP

            Yes of course. I was a bit bemoaning on the fact it seems that the seasons had then not used things like this but WoW did. Now I’m more afraid for season 8.

          • I really can agree with you on Flora in WinX club. Except for her,all of the other WinX club members have thought of tactics to defeat the main villian.

        • @Dragon About Stella teleporting, she explicitly says, “If only I could teleport.” or something along those lines in Season 4 when they shrink in their Believix at the farm to avoid the wizards.
          And I was so astonished; the only fairy who can actually teleport is complaining about not being able to teleport? It seems like the writers don’t just forget about the Winx’s abilities but they actually write them out!

          • In season two, Bloom said Stella has to know an area well before she can teleport. Otherwise, she has no control over where they end up. They’d never been to Baston’s farm before, so maybe that’s why she couldn’t do it.

          • @TOP

            Yet that was likely a limitation at the time cause she has teleported them to Linphea a place she has never visited ever before.

      • Well, that opened my mind a bit more to Onyrix (I’m sorry, getting over the sheer parts and the split pants blocked my mind. I still think they should’ve been more like Tinkerbell and had tights under them). Enchantix was, if we think more on it, amplifying the powers they already had instead of giving them better control. It was more focused on them learning how to use their new wings, convergence and fairy dust anyway.
        Thanks. This is a great discussion

        • That of course assumes if the two series had any connection. Which it does seem to be.

          Another thing is the Winx never use a transformation for more the year before turning it in for another. Perhaps Enchantix allows them to fully access all their powers and abilities but they need to learn how to before hand but seeing as the Winx almost always skip into the next form they never master the transformation and abilities.

          This actually opens a plot hole with Orinix at why this form is the only one that allows them to do that. The answer is that the different reasons for each Winx to use their abilities lead to them developing on different lines. WoW Winx focused on skill over power by the Main Winx Club Winx focuses on power over skill.

          A fitting comparison if I do say so myself.

          • Right. They skip way too fast.
            Also, while your comparison of Dreamix and Onyrix to Harmonix and Sirenix does fit (well, outfit and wing wise, Onyrix is more like Harmonix), I kind of found it like Bloomix becoming Mythix.
            The Spirit of Neverland says something interesting in this regard which no one has brought up. She says that if it were not for people believing in fantasy and Neverland existing, the Winx’s magic wouldn’t exist. And then she gave them Onyrix, which restricted their transformation to exclusively Neverland.
            That doesn’t seem to be true because we established the Dragon’s Flame created the universe and it’s magic.

          • @ The Oblivious Prattler

            In the main series it’s likely they evolved. The Great Dragon’s name is also misleading. In actuality it’s more of a primordial being given it was born before such a thing like time or space existed. It’s likely it’s form is something like it reflecting what it wishes to be.

            In WoW it seems that it might not be that case yet this also raises questions about how time works and this reality.

          • @The Oblivious Prattler

            While it could come up that believe in the Dragon making the universe made it so the thing is… believe has limits and making something like the Dragon and the Phoenix calls into question about it. It also calls into question the Water Stars. While it’s likely everyone heard about the Dragon the Water Stars which are equal to the Dragon Flame is likely lost if not completely forgotten. If the promotion of believe equals power then the Water Stars power renders this flawed given its infinite like the Dragon Flame. Those it ends with the Dragon did create reality and is independent of believe to do so.

            Those it’s easier to just state the two series are using different metaphysics’s that end up looking similar yet distant. Those the whole different continuity stick keeps from a conflict between them from happening.

          • @Myuza

            Never mind the other conditions to the Main series that WoW uses. The Tree of Life for one in the main series it’s rooted in Magix and Magic seems to flow though it from across the universe allowing it to keep a record on all magical beings within its branches.

            Pop pixie had their own Tree of Life with was the source of all magic for Pop pixie as well as their pixies pops. This condition and the whole of pop pixie caused it to be dismissed almost immediately as its own separate canon.

            WoW only shares the Winx yet because of this it’s easy to mistaken it for main series canon unless one looks at it’s big elephant with earth not knowing magic when after season 4 earth became wear of magic again. Finally like Pop pixie it two introduced a Tree of Life… which was rooted not in magix but Neverland and had a different function to the Tree in the original. Those once again like pop pixie the conditions with canon can’t let it fit into the main series without seriously altering both of them.

          • “…[The Great Dragon] it’s more of a primordial being given it was born before such a thing like time or space existed. It’s likely it’s form is something like it reflecting what it wishes to be.”

            That’s exactly what I think, the Great Dragon is beyond any living or magical being, therefore the same rules don’t apply to it.

            Also, I think all that “believing” thing is only valid for Believix and the WoW transformations, not magic in general.

    • Wether or not the writers can do something like with WoW for season 8 remains to be seen. Season 2 of WoW dips back into the problems of Season 5-7 which I expect might happen given the writers.

      As for the Orinix and the Winx as I already posted it feels WoW Winx are more creative from having to stay asecret, its likely the Winx Club Winx are more then campail of doing the same things but haven’t had the reason or the drive to do so.

      • Regardless of the problems, most fans are raving about WoW2. Maybe Rainbow doesn’t need to fix all the problems with Winx Club — they just need to fix the “right” ones. As long as season eight has more action, a more interesting story, and more serious moments, maybe the fans will enjoy it and be willing to overlook whatever problems it has.

      • That’s another thing: I want WoW to end after Season 3. I don’t want it to drag on because, like any and every show, it’ll decline in quality the more it drags on. Season 3 already has an interesting premise: a war for Earth between fairies and witches, and I’m seriously hoping they don’t end it with another open-ended conclusion. They already did that with Season 2, which would’ve wrapped up nicely if it wasn’t for the twist at the end and, again, as OP has been saying, there’s the possibility of the writers just using all their creativity on WoW over Winx Club. The franchise is already a juggernaut in most parts of the world, even getting its own amusement park if it hasn’t already, and I seriously can’t stand it when any show lets that fame go to their heads and churns out lackluster seasons just to continue it. I want to see a return to quality Winx writing in the main series. Season 7 has already been sowing the seeds by giving the girls more of their own personalities back (they’re still eerily similar to one another but they’re becoming more distinct again) and it’d be a shame to see that go to waste to sell more toys (something they’ve been very blatantly prioritizing since Season 5). At least in Season 4, the Believix enhancements (the 3 wings, Sophix and Lovix) didn’t last that long and weren’t shoehorned in so haphazardly, whereas Season 5 has Harmonix (as much as I like it, the Winx could’ve just gotten incomplete Sirenix powers that could only be stabilized with the completion of the Sirenix Quest), Season 6 has Mythix (a serious letdown itself which also cause Bloomix to suffer a bit) and S7 had Tynix, which somehow seemed more useful than the main transformation of that season, and all the Fairy Animals (surprisingly, none of them got plushies that I know of).

    • bloom still probably has quite a way to go in order to understand what her power is fully capable of doing because most of time she uses it like a blunt instrument
      the only things we know it can do is cause major destruction and heal people

    • I hope I’m wrong, but I have the theory that they will make Winx Club more and more simple and childish and less complex in order to reach the target audience and leave WoW for the older fans, where they will use the better ideas.

        • Even if they end WoW after S3 [or even after S2], how do we know they’ll use the good ideas on Winx Club? It may be that they are afraid of using those ideas on Win Club because it “would be too much for the target audience” [Rainbow tends to underestimate their audience] so they use them on WoW instead. But if WoW finishes, it may be that they just won’t use those ideas at all. Again, this is just my theory.

      • This might sound mean, but hear me out.

        We keep saying Rainbow should make Winx more “mature” because we can handle it. Has this fandom really proven they can handle it? Sure, they want “mature” content (certain kinds, anyway), but fandoms of shows aimed at kids always want that. Every time. I think it’s because the younger fans wanna feel grown up, and the older fans don’t wanna admit they love something not geared towards their age group.

        But I don’t know if this fandom has proven they understand “mature” content. Is that true of all fans? No, but I’d say it’s true of most of them. They like seeing elements of adult life in the story — relationships, working, psychological turmoil, etc. — but just because those elements are there doesn’t mean the show is “mature.” Real-life situations are much more boring and complicated than kids shows portray them to be.

        Also, while some fans are good at analyzing the show from a writer’s perspective, most fans just react to what they see — characters, events, etc. — and don’t consider what it means. They don’t understand the storytelling techniques being used. I wanna say this is only true of the younger fans, but many older fans are guilty of this, too.

        So, back to my question. Has this fandom really proven they can handle “mature” content?

        • I think you’re right, I still read many fans saying Nabu is in a coma, or wanting him to come back to life, and many others wanting Musa and Riven to come back together.

          • Yes, like that for example. The fandom has proven they can’t handle character deaths and break-ups, both of which would be consider “mature” content by some fans. I’m not letting Rainbow off the hook for the writing of these events, but even if they’d been written perfectly, the fandom may have still reacted the way they did. Also, they don’t recognize the storytelling techniques used to — for lack of a better word — manipulate our feelings so these events would have more emotional impact, especially for Nabu’s death.

  8. here’s my season 2 review
    what I liked
    1. I feel the Animation was very well done
    2 .the Animated location were well done
    3. the Idea of the Winx have a nemesis is a very interesting idea and was handled well and my Favorite one had to be virus since she could hack people which is interesting and honestly scary because she could do a lot of damage
    4. now onto the Onirix fairy form
    5. I liked the transformation sequence and was very good in animation and the song was nice and the fight scenes were good
    6.Tinkerbell’s Redemption was handled Well
    7. No Ace appearances
    8. the pacing was okay and the info dump and the world of dreams and Tinkerbell in episode 1 was good

    The Criticisms
    1.firstly I am a little annoyed that we were never told what peter pan did to betray Tinkerbell
    2.I honestly hate that critic who is worse than ace who was annoying but at least was entertaining
    3.now out of all the Winx’s nemesis I feel vertigo was the weakest and just another rehash of something that we’ve seen before
    4.now I hate Jim hook because he’s worser villain than Tritanus was
    h**l the Winx’s nemesis are better villains than Jim but even worse he got to be king of the world of nightmares
    5.next how the how the winx got the new fairy form could have been better and I didn’t like the explanation of how Dreamix was replaced

    Overall thoughts
    I totally enjoyed season 2 of world of Winx and even episode 12 wasn’t as good the finale made up for it and I hope we get a season 3 of World Of Winx and I can’t help but notice that Tecna having to fight her possessed friends is coincidentally something that I did in my Winx Club Ancientix 2: The Rise Of The Ancestral Fairies fanfic’s the possessed winx 2 parter with bloom, selina, Chillion and Blizzarius facing a possessed Stellla, Flora, Layla, Musa and Tecna

    • Wait, how was Jim worse than Tritannus? He was a power-hungry pirate who used the Neverlanders’ desires to rebel against the Queen and bring their land back to its former glory to manipulate them better, as he was the only one they could really trust, even to the point of having them stand behind him when he made himself the new King of Neverland. The only problem I have is with the World of Nightmares, which came completely out of left field, and he was willing to destroy EVERYONE just to be the King of Nightmares, most likely to wreak havoc on Earth since nightmares would plague there if he was successful. Unlike Tritannus, Jim was cool-headed and MUCH more rational; he carefully thought out his plans, even when Smee became more like bumbling comic relief and almost outed him.
      Honestly, what surprises me most about Jim is his voice actor; the same guy who voiced BRAFILIUS of all villains.

      • Well James Hook is a Knut. Also does Brafilius even qualify as a villian? He’s even more of a joke than the 50 cent words we get in season 5-7.

          • I don’t even consider Brafilius a real villain. He’s what you call a “Minion with an F in evil” and that’s being polite about it. The only smart things he ever did were swipe Roxy’s stone & turn the girls into kids. Not much else was smart about him, simply a waste.

      • well why he is a worser villian than tritanus because i saw jim betraying the winx coming a mile away but with tritannus he not only clearly doesn’t care about the people he’s harming with his pollution
        i find tritannus posed a more serious threat because he could hold his own for a while against the 6 strongest fairies in the universe

        • I’m not trying to discredit you or change your opinion but I dunno, I can’t really see that. As much as Season 5 treated Tritannus like he was the next coming of Valtor, I couldn’t take him seriously. Unlike Jim who carefully plotted out each of his steps and used everyone’s trust in him to his advantage and seize the power he wanted, Tritannus just threw a hissy fit. They never really explain why everyone thought Nereus would be next-in-line but I always felt like Tritannus was too insecure to actually try to better himself so that he’d have a fair shot. Instead, he pouts, moans and groans as he becomes a worse person overall, making his brother the obvious choice. I will admit, him turning on his family was a drastic turn but, character-wise, Tritannus is the weakest link. As for their goals, they’re pretty much the same: take control of a higher power than the one that was already established and enslave/wreak havoc on the world/dimension.

        • Actually, I think Jim is the best villain the Winx have faced since S4. He is not as powerful as the previous villains and he doesn’t even have magic without the bell, but he is smart, cold and ruthless, he cheated the Neverlanders into trusting him, even Tiger Lily was on her side at first, and all they did wathever he said, even the Winx trusted him.

          We all knew he was going to betray the Winx, but it was because we -unlike them- already knew he was the villain of the second season. However, he was very careful hiding his true intentions.

  9. I thought I was the only one who didn’t like Aisha’s attitude; seriously, especially with Matt. I mean what did he do to her? It would have made some sense if there was a scene where she thought Matt was suspicious but no, just make her a jerk for no reason. And her voice was a no go for me, I don’t know if the voice actor was sick or replaced but please, bring season 1’s voice back. And for me, her nemesis was by far the weakest, followed by Musa’s and Flora’s. The whole rockstar plot could have been completely avoided and left a lot of time for some much needed scenes; and what was with Onyrix? They could have just had Dreamix and nothing would have changed. The Spirit of the World of Dreams was irritating to watch as well, why couldn’t the Winx’s Onyrix powers have alerted them instead if anything was happening. And in Episode 6, why couldn’t the pirates transform? They made a big deal of it but didn’t explain anything about it and just threw it in to make the pirates seem useless. Overall the season failed on three main points, no explanations at all and filler plots.

    With that said, I do enjoy Season 2 for a lot of things. But I have to explain them later as it’s Eid today and I must be off.

    • Better yet, they could have made this like Bloomix and Mythix. Have Dreamix for Earth (besides, it’s more about ambition dreams) and Onyrix for Neverland. I didn’t really like all the spy scenes. It always makes me cringe to think they’re jumping over rooftops and running so fast on those heels.
      Also, I agree about the popstar plot. I called the Spirit of Neverland an alert system 😛
      Have a blessed Eid! I have mine tomorrow. 😀

      • The idea about Dreamix and Onyrix like Bloomix and Mythix would have been really good, and make more sense than what happened. Even though I admit that the spy scenes were mostly stupid, I really enjoyed them for some reason; I guess everyone likes something dumb though. I can imagine the Spirit of Neverland as an alert system now, kind of a weird image.
        I hope you have a good Eid, for a surprisingly long time I thought I was one of the few Muslims who like Winx Club.

        Another complaint was when Smee was trying to kidnap Matt; seriously, did none of the Winx notice? The moment he was on screen all I could think was ‘Yep, that’s definitely Smee’. I can’t be the only one annoyed about that

        • This is actually my username. I don’t know what happened to give me Myuza instead.
          At the very least! If you’re not going to recognize someone you met that many times, whose figure and eyes were shown, keep that dang watch! Have Tecna analyze it for fingerprints or scent or something, there’s a lot to do with the forensics! No, instead she let Matt have it.

    • As for the positives, there are a lot of them for me to enjoy WOW Season 2.

      The main one for me were idea of each Winx having a nemesis, it was a good excuse to have the Winx battle their inner fears and overcome them. Besides the three that I mentioned, they were awesome to see in action. Bloom’s (Vertigo) was a good treat to start up the nemesis train and messing with her mental state was pretty dark, Stella’s (Obscura?) was manipulative by making her live in her fears and Stella could have been trapped in her nightmares forever and Tecna’s (Virus), where do I begin? She could teleport, hack technology and minds and have freaking skates as heels, easily my favourite nemesis. The designs of all the nemesis’ were gorgeous and each one was unique and tailored to each of their respective Winx, my favourite being Stoney and Virus (again!). Overall, the designs were a huge step-up from Season 2, even the spy suits had an upgrade (Stella must have been working her magic). The animation is also pleasant to look at and have a smoother feel to it; and the voices (minus Aisha), were pretty good, the nemesis ones fitted them well, a good example being Vertigo, Obsura? and Virus. The plot in general was also pretty interesting, not as good as Season 1 but good enough to get me scouring the internet to find each one. The new spells are also good, reminds me of the good days of Harmonix. Flora and Tecna got more screen time than the previous season and I loved every second of it; the soundtrack was, as usual, spectacular. I suprisingly enjoyed the Onyrix transformation sequence, the Winx are full-grown adults, now’s not the time to prance around. The new characters were a treat and brought some interesting personas, especially Matt…before episode 10, after that I just didn’t like his personality. No Ace and detectives was a bonus and I hope I never see them again.
      Rainbow should make Season 3 of WOW, but only after Season 8 of Winx, WOW had their time to shine and now Winx Club has the ability to! I have hope for the future

  10. OK, so I just noticed there’s another new Myuza here apart from me. Could you please slightly change your name so that everyone is able to tell us apart??

    • So since pretty much everything I liked about this season has been mentioned here I would like to point out a small random thing which I really appreciated. And that was the Winx trying their best to perform a feat but failing.
      The two examples that come to my mind right now are when the Winx get banished from Neverland and Flora attempts to use her vines to anchor herself to the ground and when Stella creates a light platform for Matt to land on as Bloom heats up the Eiffel Tower.
      In the main series all it amounts to is the Winx shooting at monsters and realizing, “Our magic doesn’t work against it!”. They are never seen attempting such complex and well thought out maneuvers only to fail.
      Especially Flora’s scene made me really appreciate how much maturer the action scenes are in WoW.

      • That’s actually me, Nora Ackergirl! I swear I did not change my name, somehow it just appeared that way! I was wondering why that happened…
        And Flora’s scene had me cheering for her all the way.

      • Somehow my name appeared as Myuza and I even got her email written there instead of my email, even though I had no idea what her email is. I’m sorry, I didn’t quite get what happened here.

          • bloom in the main winx club series probably has quite a way to go in order to fully understand what her power is capable of doing because most of time she uses it like a weapon

          • I’d prefer Bloom to use it the way she originally did…which was not unless she was ticked off. That’s why she just used regular fireballs or was more physical like Aisha..which made sense…Earth girls even with magic are always more physical…i even miss Bloom using random earth sayings as battle banter sometimes.

        • Yes, now that you said it, I recall a while ago when I was about to comment and the name and email bars were already filled with Lux of Moon’s name and their email address. I had to change it before commenting. It’s really, really weird.

      • And also,one point worth mentioning:how World of Winx portray her to be proactive not,being the passive one.

        • hmm good point
          Bloom’s power is mostly unstable and when bloom fully gets her emotions under full control then her power will stablise and Bloom seems to be a shoot first ask questions later person

          • Actually, I was referring to Flora being portray as more proactive and not being overly passive. But,true. Bloom’s power doesn’t seem to be shown much cause she got her emotions under control. Not like how in WinX club,she ends up summoning extremely dangerous fire to end the battle whenever she is pissed off.

  11. I’ve thought about it some more, and I definitely agree that season 1 had a better balance between the spy stuff and the fairy stuff. You still felt like you were watching a Magical Girl show, just with a little more action and hand-to-hand combat. Season 2 did absolutely nothing with Onyrix – there were episodes when the Winx would transform to go to Neverland, talk to Jim for 5 minutes, then head back without any fighting whatsoever. In that regard, Onyrix at times felt more like a decoration than a source of power to fight evil, if that makes sense. It’s like it was only created to fulfill that obligatory “Have the Winx stand around in their fairy forms once per episode” quota.

    The way they earned it was also vague. I mean, I know this franchise hasn’t been very creative when it comes to requirements for earning new transformations, but this one takes the cake. The Winx are suddenly summoned and given the power because “they’re ready now”. But how? What changed? What made them any more ready than they were when the Spirit last saw them? That was never explained. At least with Dreamix you could kinda guess what made them earn it, but with Onyrix, I have no clue.

    I also have a hard time buying that Onyrix is supposed to be an upgrade to Dreamix, given that it was never used outside of Neverland. That’s a huge limitation and a step back from Dreamix.

    Oh well, at least it’s kind of pretty to look at? I guess?

    • Decoration seems about right for onyrix. Hopefully we get season 8 and just let WOW end on that cliffhanger. Not everything needs to be finished. Interesting premise, but please use that premise in Winx Club…it’d be a way to bring back the forgotten…Mirta & Lucy since the fairies and witches don’t seem to get along that easily as we thought after Mirta & Lucy tried to convince otherwise, also it’d redeem the series as some fans are starting to remember Mirta again and want her back. Infact even the spy thing could have been used for a season where magic was risky to use in Winx, and the neverland arc could’ve been the fourth movie. I really wonder if WOW is supposed to really be called “Ideas we’re too chicken to try out on Winx, so now we give these ideas their own show.”

  12. I liked this season. Although, the whole popstar thing made no sense, you’re wearing spy clothes cause you dont wanna be recognized but at the same time you’re famous for being in a band… And that reporter who turned iut to be a witch was very annoying.

    I actually liked that Aisha wasnt so overly nice and sweet like the winx are in the regular show since season 6. Its so much more dynamic and real. And the nemesises all had a really good design, rainbow did a really good job with that. I also think that the episode where Stella fights her nemesis is a highlight of the whole WOW series.
    Another thing I liked is that it wasnt so focused on bloom, she was a lot more in the background.

    But I really want them to go back to Magix. I liked winx cause of the magic, Thats what I wanna see them explore. not some spy shiz

    • I don’t think they’ll do historical outfits. The closest they came to this was with Enchantix (am I the only one who found them on the courtesan side?) and Bloomix (with armored warriors). They never give them long princess dresses in fairy forms.

  13. for me it would be the toga from ancient roman times and the Japanese Kimono outfit that dates back to the heian period of Japanese history which was about the 8th-12th century

  14. Overall, I share your thoughts, but I’m curious to know what you think of the new voices. Did the rumor that production had switched to a studio called 3Beep turn out to be true or is it still with DuArt?

    • Yes, it’s true, but the voice cast didn’t change. I can’t explain why some of them sounded different, but it was still the same voice actors from season one. Also, 3Beep was founded by former staff from DuArt. They weren’t happy with the management at DuArt, so they left and created their own company. I consider them to be practically the same, since it’s a lot of the same staff members.

      • Thank you for the information. Some people were saying the studio was DuArt and others were saying it was 3Beep so I needed clarification.

        As for why they sounded so different, it’s likely because the voice director (the former one for 8 seasons of Pokemon) admitted in an interview that during his tenure as voice director, he “didn’t have to do much when it came to voice direction and just let the voice actors handle it.” (in other words, he just let the VAs do whatever they wanted.)

        Thankfully though, Straffi is VERY protective of his fairies and I don’t think he’d tolerate anything but the best for his creations. If the voice director does indeed cause the quality to decline, Straffi will take the rights to another studio.

        • Unfortunately if he did he won’t have hired his new writing team as boy oh boy they been in cage of season 5-7 and did they show they aren’t very capable at the time. True WoW season 1 is great and they wrote it… but the next one shows they have some problems with long term plotting they really need to work out.

          Also Nick gave the best voice of Bloom in the form of Molly and quite possibly the best voices for Stella Musa and Daphne.

          • Don’t forget seasons five and six had several other writers, too, some more associated with Nick than Rainbow. I bet they’re also working on several shows at once, including Winx season eight.

  15. did anyone else but me notice that almost every nemesis (except virus) was defeated while they were in their spy outfit so maybe they could use it for the new transformation in season 8

    • Likely not. Season 8 will be following just after season 7 ended so following the current paretern expect them to use a new transformation that is more inline with a sparkly dress.

      Also different shows different canons all that.

      • I’d prefer something more battle friendly…like an upgraded Bloomix. Bloomix seriously should have been the cap too. I mean after the Dragon Flame…do you really need anything else? Really?

        • Based on that argument, Bloom could have stayed at Charmix. She didn’t even need Enchantix; she was already more powerful than any other fairy at Alfea just because she had the Dragon Flame.

          • That’s not true, I think. Even if you count the Dragon Fire, these transformations all have their properties and even if she already has all the power, she needed to unlock it, and develop it. That’s kind of what the point was with all her training on Pyros. As far as I am concerned, the more upgrades Bloom has based on the Dragon’s Flame, meaning her transformations, the more of its power she can harness.

          • I mean transformations that needed to be earned based on inner strength like Enchantix and Bloomix, not powers that come from a central source like the Infinite Ocean, peoples’ belief, nature and whatnot.

          • i wonder when bloom’s power finally stablised since it takes the trix trying to ruin christmas to get her really angry

        • Technically Enchantix is the cap. One could call Believix a higher state of Enchantix like all the other forms. They are all optional to get anyway.

          • It might be a higher state for believix-bloomix, butterflix-dreamix, but mythix & onyrix feel lower in power. (If you need a wand/scepter your magic is considered weak in most cases not to mention onyrix feels even more charmixish than dreamix, dreamix a s2 charmix, onyrix just plain old charmix.)

          • @Will N

            To point out WoW canon is different so Dreamix and Orinix are likely to have no connection to the usual transformations of the main series.

            As for Mythix-Tynix it seems to be these are situation and temporary powers that are only used for a certain means and disappear once they are no using it for its current propose.

          • hmm true and the fairy animals’s timing does sometimes stink
            in Season 7 ep 21
            the fairy animals only showed up after the winx had been fired upon by the residents of the sundial mini-world when the winx just went there to fix a problem and found themselves caught in the middle of a turf war
            in season 7 ep 23 the fairy animals arrived only after Flora became trapped after the cave-in in ep 22

          • @Dragon even if this is a different canon, they’re still levels the Winx got and serve as something to hold us over in the meantime. Also not to be rude but you don’t have to keep pointing out that it’s a different universe. Most concluded that from the artstyle being couture, sure some fans like to theorize it as canon but we all know it’s just a side story that has no effect on the plot other than a few placeholder wings.

      • well whatever the season 8 primary fairy form is
        one thing is for sure it will be stronger than the Butterflix fairy form
        well i can see why the winx have 1 form at a time because the combined power of every form that the winx have gotten must be massive and probably would be too much for them to contain

        • I find it a bit of a misconception that every next transformation is necessarily stronger than the previous one. Believix made them weaker without people’s belief, Sirenix worked better underwater, Butterflix – I don’t think I even need to say it, they can’t destroy rocks – Bloomix although I will admit ought to be stronger than most given its power source. They’re just better for the mission at hand, it doesn’t mean they’re more powerful, except for Enchantix and the original Charmix.

          • good point and winx club seems to have a 1 form at a time rule which makes sense considering that the winx have gotten 7 primary fairy forms and 5 secondary forms which combined is a lot of magical firepower and the dragonflame would probably be capable of containing all that power so it could be used safely

          • if i remember correctly the rock monster from season 7 ep 3 was destroyed by a combination of the bloomix attacks and the digmoles digging their way out of the rock monster

          • Bloomix can destroy rocks and whatnot, I am saying BUTTERFLIX can’t.
            True, that is a lot of magical advancement. The interesting thing is, we still keep hearing the ‘our magic doesn’t work against it!’ line 😀

          • Here’s what I think. Like you said, I don’t think the later transformations are stronger than previous forms. I also don’t think they’re extensions of Enchantix. That’s a common belief, but not all of these forms have been exclusive to fairies. For example, The Trix had Sirenix forms.

            I think the Magic Dimension has different types of magic, all designated with “ix” at the end. Remember the Trix’s Gloomix charms in season two? That could be a form of dark magic. When the Winx have been getting these transformations, they’ve just been obtaining different types of magic to use.

            We have seen that some types of magic are useless against what seem like easy targets. For example, remember the mysterious stone Avalon put up in…”The Mysterious Stone?” 😛 Even combining all their magic, the Winx couldn’t destroy it. Bloom almost used up her magic trying. But Avalon used one spell — a different type of spell — and destroyed it easily.

          • @OP there’s no way these are Enchantix variations, no way at all. Enchantix is just a stabilizer for the other forms. What I think about this is Each level is just pure magic from wherever they get it each time. Maybe they’re not leveling up per say, but rather their powers are tuned to whatever the season’s transformation is? Sirenix tooled everyone’s power to work on Aisha’s water magic, Bloomix has everyone’s powers adjusted to the flame and Butterflix is adjusted to Flora’s nature magic. Which is why Butterflix can’t blow up rocks. Rocks are lifeless but they’re still a part of nature so they cannot do anything that Flora won’t do. Next up Stella, Musa and Tecna power syncs going by the current pattern.

          • @Jorden

            Yet Relix’s power requires the Dragon Flame to exist as its the rare event when two opposites come together.

            The other thing is just a writing error.

          • @Will N

            Sirenix predates Aisha so that’s not not even remotely correct. Buttlerflix was given to the Winx by nature itself who is alive and also it predates the Winx!

            The other transformations are given to them from outside sources that are ancient predating their existence… even Bloomix predates Bloom!

          • @ Dragon many fans call those three powers the ones that lines up with each Winx because of how well those transformations represent them, also Bloomix felt like something Bloom made up even so i don’t even see how that’s ancient.

          • @Will N

            It had a name… Dreamix was the first transformation in any media of Winx that didn’t have a name until Stella gave it one.

            Plus their are commenters who point out Bloomix sounds Greek for Warroir.

          • @Will N

            Also the Winx abilities are quite broad raged and encompasses most things to begin with.

          • @ Dragon even if Bloomix had a name…Faragonda called it new in episode 604. It didn’t exist before Bloom split the flame, just like how Winx isn’t a thing without Bloom.

          • @TOP

            Actually only transformations have a “ix” in their name. All other magic has different names and no “ix” in their names.

          • @TOP

            Yes and no. Transformations are both biological and magical according to Winx Club.

            Magic itself is independent of biology ergo magic does not have “ix” in it’s name.

          • @TOP

            To explain why Enchantix is the biological end of a fairies powers and abilities. All others are gained from a energy that is then grafted onto Enchantix becoming biologically apart of the fairy. If it was just magic Daphne would have lost Sirenix when tritannuss ripped it out of her but she still has the transformation because its become a biological part of who she is.

  16. Whenever I come onto this article, the fields in the reply section are already filled out with someone else’s name that I have never seen. What’s going on?

  17. I skipped season 2 entirely. I hated season 1. None of it interested me. So I decided to stop watching. Can’t wait till Winx Club comes back! Is season 2 of WoW worth watching?

    • If you want to see the winx face their darksides yes, otherwise it’s kinda confusing to see the quick paced randomness. Vertigo is really interesting as is Virus.

      • People may call Vertigo the weakest because she has no physical attacks but honestly, I think she alone as a Nemesis could have broken not just Bloom but most of the Winx, except Tecna. Not to mention the shadow creature she was born from could actually steal Bloom’s essence so it could do that for the others too. Funny thing is that this event actually created an opportunity for her to have some of Bloom’s fire magic too but I’m glad the writers did something more creative. The queen had already tried stealing Bloom’s fire and that didn’t go too well.

        • Actually WoW Bloom might not (and by that I mean she isn’t this AU with WoW is so different its kinda laughable to consiider them thee same or connected in anyway) a keeper of the Dragon Flame like the main series Bloom.

          • Oh yes, I doubted that connection anyway. WoW simply preserved the girl’s personalities and basic power elements, nothing else from Winx Club. Bloom also seems to have more purple fire in WoW.

  18. Agree and don’t agree with some of your points, i’ll cover each one, but this is jut my personal opinion,

    For your dislikes

    [b]The pacing:[/b] i felt it was good, it was not perfect but i didn’t mind it, kept me on the edge of my chair during the whole season, 13 episodes is not too much to work with when you have that many characters, imagine if the specialists were here on top of all the story suddenly you’d have things that’d make it feel too artificial like Tecna never Talking to Flora except to complain about her great idea.
    [b]The dialogue[/b]: personally i loved this, it gave them the much needed character refinement, or what relationship do they really have with each other then again, i’ve never seen Tecna and Flora talking in the main series, they did a science project together in season 2…, and that’s kind of it,
    [b] the Pop star side plot[/b] i have to agree with you here..this was kinda off and unexplained…it’s also really corny and overdone in this kind of shows….,i didn’t like it when they did it in season 4 and i definitely wouldn’t like it here
    [b] Fewer Fairy scenes and Onyrix limitations:[/b] i’ll agree with you in here,after all them being fairies is one of the main drives of the show, but i had a different assumption in this matter, you see, the Winx are not humans, they’ve been reinforcing that concept since season 4 and they did touch the subject during WoW’s S1 and remember the scene with the pirates where i think Aisha was calling them for being slow and Flora says “be patient, they’re just humans they have no powers unless they transform” , so basically is like if Onyrix was to Dreamix what Sirenix is to Believix,it just lets them use the same amount of power but in different contexts in this case one of the Onyrix’s features is allowing them to use Dreamix Powers in their base forms while losing the ability to transform while in earth since most forms seem to have a drawback, as they do lose abilities when they change transformations (Bloom not being able to revive Nabu while in her Believix form when she did revive Sky and Riven while in her charmix form being a prime example, and she basically lost all her healing powers after Believix, Sirenix being a mainly physical close combat form being another example, powerful but Risky to use) so this might as well be the drawback of the Onyrix, ,

    [b]How they gained Onyrix:[/b] totally agree, this was literally out of thin air.

    [b]Aisha’s personality:[/b] this was Bloom’s and Roxy’s personality in their early comic appearances, it’s a personality that arguably leads to character development but it made no sense to introduce it at this point of the series and much less with a well known character, i found it to be a really weird decision but she was already showing signs of this during S1 of WoW, (remember how she treated Lorelei?)

    [b] The returning neverladers[/b]: my history lessons indicate me that this is a very real aproach to tell a story about a war or a rebellion against a Tyrant, they were less intmidating because such tyrant had actually stolen their powers.

    [b] Musa’s and Flora’s Nemesis[/b]: i loved Flora’s Nemesis,it was cool and had cool power, let’s be honest here Flora is almost perfect in this spin-off, she doesn’t have enough flaws to make for an interesting Nemesis based on her negative traits, Musa’s Nemesis on the other hand would not be too kid’s friendly if it was based on her character’s flaws since it’d basically be a villain out of a really mature psychological horror anime, so it was appropriate to base it on her powers

    [/b]Tecna’s character flaw:[/b] is it really unexplored? can’t the need to be in control come in different sizes and variations? is there a threshold that says before this line you’re just organized and past this line you are a control freak?, didn’t she have this massive discussion with Musa in S6 because she wanted some things done her way??, she also had a discussion with Bloom as early as “date with disaster” in the main series for the exact same reason, so the concept is not unexplored but poorly explored, this is rainbow’s way of getting Tecna back to some of her roots.

    [/b]The prophecy[b]: it added somesemblance to the winx that looking for Matt was a great way to solve things, i mean with Flora’s massive purification power and Tecna’s help they could’ve as easily likely built a contraption, to enhance her power and then lure the queen into it to turn her back into a good person, or a plant, whichever would have worked and would have fred the Neverland, the prophecy gave the semblance that the thing they chose was the correct (and not anti-climatic) thing to do.

    [b]Matt’s and Tinkerbell’s love story[/b] Corny, Sexist, yes, it was super sexist,, Poorly executed and already overused, they somehow managed to implement all the old fairy tails relationship cliches, it also felt like super creepy because of Tinkerbel loved matt’s father and Peter Pan was somehow willing to give a woman he once loved to his son….,

    [b] Venomya’s role[/b] before analyzing it i was agreeing with you, but the most i think about it the most i like her implementation where there’s “Evil where you elast expect it” Venomya was kind of already a Jerk but until the final chapter i thought she was just a Human Jerk critic looking for traffic into her blog with poisonous commentary, at some point i thought was maybe even hired by Lorelei (the only human knowledgeable of her identities that has something against them) following a dumb plan where Lorelei would try to get Venomia to force the winx to use magic and finally unmask them, am i giving too much credit to that character???, however the fact that Venomya wasn’t introduced as the Trix nor as the Queen was introduced during S1 of their respective shows something like; “this is an evil characher..cuz evil” was something refreshing, her implementaiton looks out of place because the whole Pop star deal is Poorly constructed and out of nowhere, like at least with Love & pet they had the perfectly believable excuse that they had to somehow survive on earth, bring Magic back to it.

    As for the Positives i agree with everything you say execpt two things:
    The outfits: i do have nitpicks, While she does look good in static images Stella in blue looks as a massive floating Head when animated, …really, she does, Bloom is really clashing someone in the comments above used something i consider proper to describe her “Walking Strawberry ice cream” or a “Salmon”, the other nitpicks are the capes..like really the mission suits are already cute, there’s no way they’d run without tripping with the capes and i’m probably the only guy that says this but Capes are really lame, the only one that looks good on her Cape is Tecna because her design is Unique and gives her a Jedi-like vibe which is fitting for the Fairy of technology.

    Stella’s backstory: she had a backstory she was literally raised by strangers while her parents followed all the lawish thingamajiggs of Divorce (s1 E17 ) , Strangers that treated her as the princess of Solaria, in s2 she also tells a story of when she attended secondary school, a backstory where the Princess of Solaria is bullied for having a squeaky voice is simply not believable her fear of not being accepted is far more believable because she was basically ignored by her own parents and left to be raised by other people .

    • For Stella’s backstory,she isn’t exactly bullied for only her squeaky voice but for all of the characteristics that she possess:her pigtails,the way she dress and her personality. Being the one going through,I could relate to that fear of not being liked for your own characteristics. So,in my opinion, it is believable to be fearful of being not liked for this reason.
      As for the nemesis, you basically speak through my mind. Out of the WinX, Flora seems to be the only one who doesn’t have any defining negative traits. But,hope you don’t mind me asking,why would Musa’s nemesis not be kid friendly if it were based on her negative traits ?
      For Aisha’s personality,hot temper is part of what makes her Aisha but it’s just that it’s not prominently shown just like Bloom and Roxy. So, I wasn’t sort of surprised at it. And as proof,you do remember how she treats Nabu when she first met him in WinX club,right ?
      Also,I would like to add on. Does any of you notice how in WOW and also WinX season 7, the girls would appear randomly and not forced on constantly being with their “best friend” all the time ?

      • Musa’s Nemesis, i don’t know exactly how to explain this but i’ll try: it’s because imho Musa’s most fatal flaw is her willingness to search for complicated People or living beings (the cat in s7, creety, i don’t know how to write its name) that will make her suffer, as much as i like Riven as a character and loved them as a couple, that’s exactly what happened, so that would flaw lead to a really strong themed psychological villain as a Nemesis, with Musa getting more Psychologically hurt and unstable the more she aproached the villain, which is not too kids friendly, and i know that was kind of Vertigo’s theme, but i have a feeling that Musa’s one would be a lot more serious,

          • with Vertigo making Bloom see a person who isn’t really there and the winx in hindsight should have kept a better eye on Bloom because her freakouts were putting her at serious risk

          • They may not exist in the WoW canon, but the Winx’s personalities are pretty much the same as in Winx Club, so it is likely Musa has this flaw in WoW too. I think it would have been more interesting having a Nemesis based on this flaw instead of one based on her powers.

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