Michael gave me permission to share this screenshot from the World of Winx season two trailer. Thank you! 😀

As you can see, the Winx meet the Spirit of the Forest from season one again. While writing yesterday’s post, I had a line about her giving them the Onyrix power (Michael’s spelling, so I trust it), but I deleted it. The name has nothing to do with nature, so I thought I might be wrong.

This picture WinxClubRUS found makes me think I was right, after all (thank you to my affiliate GermanSirenix for identifying the source):

Compare her outfit with theirs. They have the same motifs: flowers, open-leg pants, and strips of fabric. I think it’s a good theory. Did she also give them Dreamix? That’s possible, too.

Now that we’ve seen all six Winx’s looks, what do you think of Onyrix?


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35 Responses to ““World of Winx” Season 2: Two New Screenshots (Including All Six Winx in Onyrix)

  1. Transformation breakdown:

    Aisha: Interesting color choices. She looks great in purple, but I wish some more greens and blues had been thrown in. I like the hair, but it’s very Harmonix-y.

    Stella: the blue looks fantastic on her, so I can’t complain much. However, unless she does end up using moon magic, I’ll be disappointed. I don’t think “sun fairy” when I look at her. I love her hair; like Musa, ponytails and pigtails are usually her thing.

    Tecna: OMG, her hair! I love her hair! Though I usually like her in green, I really can’t stand it this time. She looks older than she is.

    Bloom: Hair’s nice. Wings are okay. But the color of her outfit… This may very well be the most un-Bloom look for her yet!

    Flora: The dark green complements her hair and complexion really well. I can totally see her using spells with vines and ivy. Not a big fan of her wings.

    Musa: Is it just me, or does she look like a goddess in this transformation?! The wings complement the outfit really well, and the touch of gold jewelry was a great choice. She’s my favorite.

    • I agree about bloom this wasn’t her best outfit.Stella’s was beautiful but I think it should’ve been more yellow because she is the fairy of the shining sun.I think flora’s was perfect,I also agree that Aisha should of had more blue. I didn’t like Tecna’s outfit. Musa”s was nice but I think Floras was my favorite.

        • Eh, so only used one (maybe two) moon spells. Nick asked if they could call her the Fairy of the Shining Sun because of it. Rainbow has alllowed both Nick and DuArt to do so as she not really much oof a moon fairy.

  2. Do they get new spy outfits, too? Those definitely don’t look like the season one catsuits.

  3. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Aside from Musa’s I’m not a fan of the colour scheme, but I do like the design – it’s sophisticated and grown up like Bloomix, even though they all look very much alike, like Sirenix. Maybe I’ll like it better when I see it in action. That’s usually how it works.
    If it were up to me, I’d put Flora in the pink, Tecna in the purple, Aisha in the light green, Bloom in the silvery-blue and Stella in the dark green.
    I don’t like that there are 2 green outfits. Maybe one of them could be gold, or light blue, or even white.

  4. Bloom in pink is just wrong, but at least it’s not a “wild in your face pepto- reject” pink…looks like raspberry sherbet. Weird.
    The others i have no complaints except for Tecna and Flora both wearing green simultaneously. Tecna should be in yellow since yellow would compliment her hair.

    • It will probably be the usual “works for the time being, but when a threat that it cannot handle arises, time to reconnect the Enchantix powers in a new way” rhetoric that happens every other season.

  5. You know I’m a bit weird out by the colors I mean I think two or three of them aren’t wearing their usual transformation color

  6. I guess Musa’s Onirix/Onyrix was to make up for her lackluster Dreamix look because she is absolutely GORGEOUS in this.
    In fact, they all are! I’m really digging how Rainbow has completely changed up the color schemes and put Musa back in a hard red color (it’s more red than pink/fuschia anyway). Aisha always looks great in purple, Flora’s deep green looks great on her, Bloom looks adorable in that shade of pink and Stella looks pretty dang good in that dark blue! The only one I’m iffy about is Tecna’s; some of the cuts on her outfit look kinda off to me, and I don’t know why.

  7. Ughhhh. Same silhouette and styles. I miss the enchanted 😭 Winx is going downhill for me.

  8. Ok, since they’re all together now, let’s examine:

    Aisha: Lavender looks really good on her, so that’s a good choice. Her wings look weird to me, however.

    Stella: SHE HAS BLUE, I’M IN LOVE. She doesn’t look like a sun fairy now, but purely a light fairy or a star fairy, which I like. Her wings are my favorites.

    Tecna: Huh, I actually really like her twisted/braided hair, which surprises me. I like her dress, but i feel that green looks more of a natural, leaf green than a more digital-looking green.

    Bloom: I like her hair and wings, but I feel her outfit is plainer than the others (which surprises me, since they usually take a longer time designing Bloom’s outfit). Her color doesn’t bother me all that much (though I feel it should be more of a magenta shade), since pink WAS her secondary color from Charmix all the way to Lovix.

    Flora: Her dress and wings are beautiful, and I like Flora in darker colors. But like with Tecna, I feel her green isn’t the most “natural” green (It looks like the green in circuitboards, actually). Maybe if hers and Tecna’s colors were swapped?

    Musa: She looks the best of all the girls, and I really like to see Musa back in her original red. All of her is perfect.

    The only thing I don’t like is the fact only Stella’s and Aisha’s heels match their outfits, while all the others don’t. Aside from that, Maybe if Tecna was in a gold/copper color I’d like it better, since there are too many greens.


    – Aisha: no complaints for the actual outfit itself, but her wings are weird to me. They have a very broad spectrum of colors, whereas the rest of her outfit is just two colors.

    – Stella: considering the colors and her wing shape (you can see it better in the screenshots Michael uploaded yesterday), I feel like Stella is going to have more star-themed attacks, or else the colors make no sense. (But the Sun is technically a star, so…)

    – Tecna: LOVING the side braid thing that’s going on with her hair. Mixed feelings on the colors, but I’ll probably get used to them. Incredibly minor thing I noticed: Tecna’s shoes have a weird design thing on them (it goes across the top of her foot) that the others don’t appear to have.

    – Bloom: attention all character designers everywhere: STOP GIVING PINK AS A PRIMARY COLOR TO REDHEADED CHARACTERS. It is a color clash, and it doesn’t look as good as you think it does. I am, however, absolutely in love with Bloom’s wings, from the shape to the colors that were blended together in them.

    – Flora: nothing stands out to me as good or bad here. Her wings are an interesting shape.

    – Musa: I agree with Raindrops on Roses, she DOES look like a goddess – except that her lipstick is a very bold color and it’s bothering me. 😉 I don’t know how I feel about her wings.

    Overall: Reminds me of a mix between Enchantix and Harmonix. It’s interesting to see the girls in colors that aren’t their main colors, and I think it works for the most part. WHO ELSE IS PUMPED FOR WOW SEASON 2?!

    • Musa’s lipstick is bothering me too. She looks like a creepy doll or something wearing that shade.

  10. How interesting… Those pictures of the new villains (maybe?) look a lot like Musa, Flora, Tenca, Bloom, and Stella from bottom to top right after Tinkerbell. Hmm…

  11. Bloom! Stella! You got each other’s colors, trade back! Tecna, Aisha, you also got each other’s colors! Trade back! Did y’all get dressed in the dark or something? =P

    +1 love for Musa’s look. +1 love for Tec’s hair. +1 thumbs-down for Bloom in pink, though it isn’t a bad shade if it has the be pink. I do like the flappy pants, that’s a neat design element, but I don’t think this will ever by a favorite transformation of mine.

  12. Amazing! Even The Winx can look pretty in jumpsuits. Musa rocks this transformation, i like Bloom’s hair! I like their wings, but Stella’s are weird, they look so sharp, like glass. But i do not like Winx in heels in their transformation. I do not know why but they look too normal. And they look odd with the jumpsuits.

  13. I can’t seem to make up my mind about how I feel about this transformation. It does look elegant and it does look like an upgrade from Dreamix (somewhat, though I instantly took a liking to Dreamix). But the colors are just so… random!! I know it’s ridiculous but I simply don’t like the Winx not wearing their signature colors.
    Also, as people above have mentioned, I don’t like the fact that there are two greens and on top of that the greens would look more appropriate if they were swapped.
    I do like the flaring pants and I hope that the animation does them justice. They kind of remind me of Harmonix, which in my opinion is one of the most beautiful transformations but sadly a temporary one and merely ocean-themed. I also love the shade of Stella’s blue and Layla’s purple.
    I daresay it will probably grow on me once I see it in action but right now it feels very random to me.

    • I think that second green is actually turquoise, but yeah…if Aisha’s not gonna wear turquoise…it’d be better for Tecna to wear it as opposed to Flora…even if water is a part of nature it’s just weird to see Flora in blue-green. Tecna’s green looks more like Flora’s shade. Bloom was due for a new color…but I wouldn’t have given her pink if I were the designer. Yellow would’ve been what I would have used since back in Charmix yellow was her secondary, not pink. Pink was only that fuzzy heart purse. The brooch & tiara had better accent colors (even if the wirey heart wasn’t always around the brooch). Although this pink shade doesn’t bug me as much as the main series using baby pink on her. It looks like an adult pink, but still odd.

      • I agree if everyone else is switching colors why should Bloom escape? Every transformation of hers has been blue until now and only Dreamix changed it a little bit to navy as opposed to aqua. And yes, it would have been a nightmare to see a bodysuit like this on her in baby pink; however, I still don’t care much for this shade, I guess it’s too pale for me.
        I guess only Musa’s left now to change colors. She has worn pink and magenta in the past but that’s about it, nothing drastically different from her usual red.

        • Here’s my thinking. If just one or two Winx had unusual color schemes, I’d say Rainbow was just changing things up a little. But everyone except Musa? And such dramatically different colors, too? That’s never happened before.

          I think something else is going here, and it might be plot-related. The fact that both Dreamix and Onyrix have to do with dreams makes me think they’re connected somehow. I still think this could be a corrupted Dreamix or something like that.

        • Maybe the designers got so sick of Bloom in blue that they gave her a raspberry to wear? :P. Jokes aside though Bloom usually wearing baby blue (although Bloomix & Butterflix were more navy blue like Dreamix) but maybe it is plot related too. Just long as Bloom isn’t ever stuck in pink as a primary again! Not even her red believix color splash doll or “Eatix” nut & legumes bloomix subtransformation looks good with her red hair. At least when Stella wears yellow it doesn’t clash with her hair as badly.

  14. To OP: Yes, now that I think about it, that makes a lot of sense. Perhaps Onyrix enables them to use the aspect of their powers related to dreams or maybe related to the realm of dreams i.e. that creepy forest. I’m thinking ghost vines for Flora, will-o’-the-wisp for Bloom, starlight for Stella, inky goo for Layla etc.

  15. Hey!
    Nice post. But could someone give me the email of Michaels Winx Club. I want to ask his permission for something. Because I know he doesn’t like it if somebody reposts his pictures.

    Already thanks!

  16. I’m happy to report that after days of willing myself to stare at this transformation, I kinda like it now (I’ve been using this method with any transformation I don’t like for years and it’s worked so far). Still not feeling the color scheme switcheroo, but eh, what can you do.

    On an unrelated note, it looks like season 2 is going to be much darker than season 1, and I’m so here for this. I’m definitely getting ahead of myself, but can we get this show renewed for another season? The Fairy Couture art style is growing on me too, even though at first I was freaked out by their eye shape.

    • That’s my method for just about everything, Winx or otherwise. Once you get your expectations and gut reaction out of the way, you can start to appreciate the thing for what it is. It remains to be seen if World of Winx will be renewed. Personally, though, I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t. One more show means less focus on Winx Club.

      Plus, some of their ideas for WoW would work just as well in Winx. Think about it. Is there really any reason why this couldn’t have been a season of Winx Club?

      • World of Winx or Winx Club, it’s still the same franchise, and as long as I get new content from at least one of them on an annual basis, I’m a happy camper. But that’s just me.

        Your question got me thinking, though. Sure, this could have been a season of Winx Club and it’d probably work just fine. From my experience usually ‘spinoffs’ are centered around different characters, often ones that don’t get a lot of focus on the main show. Pop Pixie fit that bill, but World of Winx… aside from the art style, the ‘Earthlings don’t know we’re fairies and we have to hide magic’ ordeal that conflicts with pretty much everything post-season 4, and Roxy’s existence which conflicts with everything pre-season 4 (so we’re kind of stuck in a paradox here), it could have been another season of Winx Club.

        But then why is the writing so much better? I’m not talking about the ‘darker and edgier’ feel, WoW, unlike the main show, doesn’t treat its audience like idiots that need everything clearly explained to them. The characters actually have believable responses to everything happening around them. There is a real sense of danger and actual stakes. Magic is used creatively, making for interesting battles that are more than just taking turns shooting multi-colored lightbolts at each other. The 13-episode format of Netflix allowed for more concise storytelling, with no filler eps to stretch out a 26-episode season (Think ‘Banana Day’ or ‘Baby Winx’). Though for the last point, one could just as easily argue that seasons 1 and 2 of WoW could have been one season, just split into 2 parts. But I digress.

        I feel like Rainbow is trying to accomplish two things at once. They want a more ‘mature’ feel for the franchise, but they also want to keep it fun and light-hearted. Obviously they thought both couldn’t exist in one show, they basically split Winx into 2 different shows so they can do both.

        • I feel like Rainbow is trying to accomplish two things at once. They want a more ‘mature’ feel for the franchise, but they also want to keep it fun and light-hearted. Obviously they thought both couldn’t exist in one show, they basically split Winx into 2 different shows so they can do both.


          The writers of World of Winx are the same as the writers of Winx Club. Clearly, they decided to split the franchise into two shows to appeal to different audiences and try different storytelling methods. When we talk about the fanbase, we subconsciously mean the first generation of fans (or just older fans in general), and we treat ourselves as the most important demographic. But as the show grew with us, the younger fans — the fans Rainbow’s targeting now with Winx Club — were left behind. Even some of the first-gen fans, who were young at the time, couldn’t understand or handle some of the events that happened. (Nabu’s death comes to mind.)

          I’ve also heard parents were getting uncomfortable with how the Winx were being portrayed. I once found a picture of the Winx in Believix. The filename was literally just “hoes.” Wow.

          So now Winx Club has split into two shows: a more gentle show for younger fans and a more “adult” show for older fans. That’s what I think is happening here. It’s still the same writers, but they’re doing things differently for each show. But also, I think they’re better at writing for an older audience. Compare Winx seasosn 5-7 to Regal Academy. They have some of the same issues, so clearly this has something to do with Rainbow’s style of writing for kids.

          Do the older fans/first-gen fans care about all this? No. They expected Winx Club to continue growing with them, so now they’re angry because their childhood show became more kid-friendly.

        • Funny you should mention the whole parents being uncomfortable with the revealing outfits thing, because I started watching Winx when I was 9, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that I barely noticed the midriff tops. I was instead too busy fawning over the pretty sparkly outfits and wings (ah, the good old days when their Magic Winx wings were considered impressive). I don’t know if this is just a US thing, because obviously Italy had no issues with it given that they aired Winx for a really long time without any qualms. It was only after the Nick era that the girls began dressing more modestly (or it could just be the show trying to stay up-to-date with current fashion trends, and midriff tops went out of style around the mid 2000s). I’m Asian and they aired the RAI English dub in my country, and no one seemed to care about that stuff, either.

          I feel like US parents’ reaction to Winx, like the anorexia accusations (even though being anorexic and being skinny are two entirely different things) and the ‘oh god, think of the children!’ attitude when it comes to the characters’ attire raises some really interesting discussion re: the way American parents vs. parents from other countries perceive censorship in cartoons.

          This comment took a completely different turn than I expected, but I just needed to say it.

        • On the whole “Winx being mature or kiddy” thing: I personally don’t care. If the story is interesting and Rainbow can get me to care (which they normally can), then I’ll probably like It.

          Season six is one of my favorite seasons, believe it or not. The CGI and Shyamalaning Is cringey at times and the plot holes and constant Bloom worship make me want to scream, but the reason I read/watch fantasy is to forget about my own boring as hexk life. I want to get sucked into the story. Winx season six does that for me, so I like it. I’m rewatching season seven right now. The whole fairy animal with the first color of the magic universe hunt is going on forever, and some of the time travel hurts my brain, but it’s interesting and I’m sucked in, so I like it. It’s very kiddy (Squonk is essentially a talking plushie) but if you can get me to care, then I like it.

          A few good examples are the cartoons LoliRock and Miraculous Ladybugg. They’re both really kiddy, and you can tell that the writers are truly trying to pitch it to their target audience. But both of these shows have managed to intrigue me, so I watch them. (Not to mention that LoliRock got WAAAAY more intense in season two, and Ladybug seems like it’s going to do the same.)

          • This is how I feel, too. Get me to care, and I don’t care if you’re aiming at kids or not. You know what else I’m watching right now? Kira Kira Precure A La Mode. The theme is the magic of sweets (or kira-kiraru). Remember when a Winx fan made up Candix: candy magic? This Precure season is basically if Candix became a real thing in Winx Club.

            The Precures’ names are all based on desserts and candy: Whip, Custard, Gelato, Maracon, and Chocolat. It’s cheesy and kiddy as heck, the plot is weak and silly (they’re stopping villains from ruining desserts), the animation is soppy, and the backgrounds look like a ten-year-old drew them. You can tell Toei rushed this out with very little thought put into it.

            But for some reason, I can’t stop watching. I don’t know why. I just like it anyway. It’s not that I have low standards — sometimes, I can enjoy something even though I know it’s not that great. It’s cheerful, and it provides an escape. Also, it reminds me of Motto! Ojamajo Doremi and Tokyo Mew Mew, two anime I also enjoyed.

  17. I Love Musa’s and Flora’s Color schemes and Wings and Bloom’s Haircut, but that’s the only thing i love about this transformation, never been a fan of wide boot cut pants, and the winx being gorgeous doesn’t make the pants look less ugly, isn’t fashion supposed to enhance and/or highlight beauty?? or at least express something, anyways what would a guy know about it.
    also as someone above said Bloom’s color scheme is really clashing with her hair, it doesn’t look good.

    Optimistic thoughts: it’s cool they’re experimenting with new color schemes to give a twist to things even if some end-up being really weird choices like the already mentioned Bloom’s one. Plus Stella changing from orange(my favorite color and one of the reasons Stella is my favorite Winx) to Teal might mean we’ll get to see her using Moon powers again? the last time we ever saw Stella using Moon powers was during s3 when she uses her enchantinx Moon shield.

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