“Sparxshipping,” a.k.a. Bloom and Valtor. They’re a pairing that’s been popular since the 4Kids days. With opposing poles of the Dragon Flame — a flame of light and a flame of darkness — this couple sounds impossible, yet intriguing. How would good and evil fall in love with each other?

A better-known, non-Winx ship is “Zutara” (Zuko and Katara) from Avatar: The Last Airbender. (I’m not touching the “Kataang vs. Zutara” debate.) Some fans can’t resist the fire-water dynamic between the two benders. Even Zuko’s voice actor, Dante Basco, is a hardcore “Zutarian.”

These couples, “Zutara” and “Sparxshipping” (and technically “Kataang,” too), follow the concept of “yin and yang,” two opposite forces in harmony with each other. It’s the same theme Rainbow used for Aisha and Nex.

Yeah, yeah. They’re “Life” and “Death,” right?

Yes, I know I’ve mentioned that a dozen times. Aisha is “life” in Arabic, and nex is “death” in Latin. But remember in my recent Aisha/Nex post when I said I keep discovering things about this couple? Turns out Rainbow took the yin-yang idea further than just name meanings.

Winx 6X15 - Aisha and Nex windsurfing

Same, Yet Opposites?

Wait a minute. Aren’t these two a lot alike?

Being yin and yang doesn’t mean being different in every way. “Yin and yang” is relative. Object A may be opposite of Object B for a different reason than Object C. It depends on what traits you’re comparing them by.

Water and fire are yin and yang because water’s cold and wet, and fire’s hot and dry. But ice and running water are also yin and yang. Even though they’re both water, running water is liquid and active, and ice is solid and stationary. (Yes, that means Icy and Aisha are yin and yang, too.)

It’s actually more complicated than that. If you’re curious (and you’re a nerd like me), TED-Ed has a short video that explains it better than I can.

Back to Aisha and Nex. Most fans think they’re exactly the same: confident, fearless, energetic, athletic, etc. Yes, they have those traits in common — if they had nothing in common, they’d have nothing to bond over — but some of their other traits couldn’t be any more different.

For example, Nex is flirty. In his debut episode, “The Flying School” (6X03), he strutted up to the Winx and said, “Hey, ladies!” Can you imagine Aisha doing something like that? Yeah, right. In fact, it was something she didn’t like about him when they first met.

That’s just one of the ways they’re opposites, but it’s not as important now that they’re dating. Their other differences affect their relationship now.


“When I read a romance, I want to see how the characters complement each other — how they inspire each other to become their best selves.”

This writer from StandOutBooks.com was talking about romance novels, but it applies to any love story. It’s also the essence of “yin and yang.” The key is to give both partners what all characters should have: flaws. Not only are flaws more realistic and relatable, but they also give the characters starting points from which to grow.

Notice I said both partners. If one of them has flaws and the other doesn’t, the balance is shallow and one-sided. A classic example would be a good-and-evil pair like Bloom and Darkar (not Valtor). Darkar was the embodiment of pure darkness. No amount of light would have changed him; the Dragon Flame just cancelled him out.

The concept of “yin and yang” says nothing is completely yin or completely yang. Yin contains yang, yang contains yin, and everything contains both. So it’s not just about two forces balancing each other out — it’s about each force becoming balanced within itself. If a couple is “yin and yang,” their interactions with each other should help both of them grow and change.

We don’t know how much Aisha and Nex will end up influencing each other, but I’ve noticed they each have positive traits that balance out weaknesses and flaws in each other. Here are a few examples.

Sensitivity and Insensitivity

I’ve read another blogger’s post about this couple, and she mentioned this, too. Nex “lacks sympathy and tact.” That’s why he fell in love with Aisha, who’s “quick to sympathize with people and knows how to handle other people’s feelings.” We’ve already seen in both seasons six and seven that she’ll call him out when he’s being insensitive. He knows he needs it. Aisha can help him learn to be more compassionate.

Gentle and Tough

Aisha may be the no-nonsense girl, but she’s always had a motherly side, too. (She’s “Life,” so it makes sense.) I don’t think it’s a coincidence that her bonded pixie is a baby. Whenever the Winx have taken care of baby creatures, she’s been the best at it.

Her weakness: she’s not good at being hard on them. In season seven, she sometimes had no idea how to stop Squonk from crying. Nex, on the other hand, isn’t good at being soft.

Rainbow showed this difference between them in “Winx Trapped!” (7X10). When Nex had to calm Squonk down, he tried Aisha’s method first — petting and reassurance — but that didn’t fit his personality, so it failed. Then he switched over to discipline: “Don’t make any more trouble! It’s time for you to try to be nice and good!” It worked, even to his surprise.

Later in the episode, Aisha used her method: “Don’t cry, little one! I’m here now.” Squonk wasn’t as upset at the time, so it worked, too.

Now, I’m talking about a furry, blue…whatever he’d be in real life, so it’s a weird scenario. But imagine if it had been a child instead. I know it’s a stretch like with Flora, Helia, and Amarok, but maybe Aisha and Nex would respond to the situation the same way.

Serious and Playful

Aisha’s not boring, but she can be uptight and even moody sometimes. Even Nex called her “serious” (in the Italian version) when they first met. (He appreciates that about her, though.) And how often does she fight with Stella, the carefree comic relief of the club? Pretty much every season.

When it comes to sense of humor, Nex is more like Stella. He acts like a jokester. Unlike her, though, he knows how to be serious when he needs to be, but his default nature is outgoing and mischievous.

Aisha brightens up around him. He’s also good at cheering her up. For example, after her fight with Stella in “Broken Dreams” (6X11), she perked up when Nex challenged her to a roller blade race. He knew she would like that.

On the flip side, Nex’s humor isn’t always appropriate. That goes back to the first pair of traits. When he gets out of hand, Aisha scolds him for it.

As you read these, you may have thought, “How is this relationship working? How did they even get together?” These two don’t sound compatible — and that’s the point. The idea of “yin and yang” is that opposite forces need each other.

Go back to the meanings of this couple’s names. You’d think “Life” and “Death” would be enemies, but they can’t exist without each other. As soon as we’re born (given life), we begin to die. And if we didn’t know what death was, how would we understand what life is? The two concepts give each other meaning.

I think this quote by actress Gloria Swanson sums it up well: “Life and death. They are somehow sweetly and beautifully mixed, but I don’t know how.” Sounds oddly romantic, doesn’t it? Using this idea for a couple can be powerful — if done right. That’s one reason I think Aisha and Nex are unique for this series.

Character Design

And that got heavy. Let’s talk about something lighter.

If two characters are supposed to be opposites, how would you make them to look that way? It depends on the story. Aisha and Nex don’t literally represent the ideas in their symbolism, but Rainbow found ways to hint at them through their designs.

Eye and Hair Colors

Parts of their color schemes are reversed. Aisha has brown (reddish-brown) hair, and Nex has blue hair. But she has blue eyes, and he has light brown eyes.

Skin Tones

They’re an “interracial” couple, right? Most of us (including me) thought that was the point, but knowing their theme, we can think deeper. Aisha and Nex have opposite skin tones: dark skin and light skin. We’d also call them “black” and “white.” This could be a visual pun, since the halves of the yin-yang symbol are literally black and white.

Hairstyles and Clothes

Credit goes to my friend WorldOfWinxClub for discovering the hair symbolism by accident. We call Nex’s hair “spiky,” but look closer at it. It’s shaped like fire. Do you see it?

Aisha’s hair is wavy like — well, waves. (Duh.) It’s fire and water, just like “Zutara.” Rainbow couldn’t give Nex fire as his element because of Bloom, so they gave him a fiery personality — the hot-blooded type — with a burning head to match it. The blogger I mentioned earlier felt that Nex and Zuko are (or could become) similar characters. Maybe she was more right than she knew.

Good thing Rainbow didn’t give Aisha and Nex blue and red hair. That would have been too obvious (and cheesy). But the colors of the clothes suggest their elements. Aisha’s main colors are blue and green, and Nex wears a lot of red and orange.

Final Thoughts

You may be thinking, “That’s a lot of symbolism! Maybe too much.” Let me ask you something, though: how much of it had you noticed already? Not much, I bet. That’s partially because we don’t talk about Aisha and Nex a lot.

But there’s another reason: it was subtle. You’ll probably pay attention to it now, but if it had been obvious, everyone would have seen it by now. Rainbow found natural ways to work it in.

For example, who would look at Aisha and Nex’s skin tones and immediately think, “Oh, they’re yin and yang?” I doubt anyone did. We just saw an “interracial” couple. The symbolism gives it a hidden meaning, but it works without it, too.

Another example: a lot of fans say these two feel like a real couple. Since the essence of “yin and yang” is balance, something all couples strive for, they just felt like a pair of equals. Plus, we can’t boil down all their interactions to “yin and yang,” so even though they have a theme, they’re still unpredictable.

“Yin and yang” isn’t the only symbolism in their relationship. Nex may have a fiery personality, but his weapon is The Halberd of the Wind. (They’re like “Zutara” and “Kataang?” Weird.) Choosing wind as his element was genius. Not only does it complement water as well as fire does, but it also enhances Aisha’s character concept of “Life.”

I’ll explain next time. It won’t be the next post, but it’ll be sometime in the near future — after World of Winx season two premieres.

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67 Responses to “Yin and Yang

  1. *takes brief moment out of my day to acknowledge how flippin’ awesome these two are*

    Good lord, Rainbow! Symbolism overload! (It’s not a bad thing, of course.) I love literally all of this post and am having trouble coming up with words to add. When it was pointed out that Nex had hair shaped like fire, I almost screamed. I had never noticed that before! Well played, Rainbow (especially since blue is actually one of the colors seen in fire).

    Also, sorry if you wanted to mention this first, but the fact that Aisha’ s element is water and her name means life is clever in itself. Water and life are both always flowing and progressing. Not sure of any connections between death and wind, though.

    And finally, I would just like to announce that I consider Sparxshipping to be the literal worst thing. I am fully willing to elaborate, but if someone would like me to, I will in a seperate comment.

  2. Before I get into this. My nick pick of seeing Valtor as Blooms opposite is failed. Darker is Blooms real opposite.

    Anyway Nex is getting to much crap but it shouldn’t be surprising. The fandom is relatively small many still refuse to believe Nabu is dead (Rainbow stated he is but when do people ever listen to them or even know who they are) as such they are quite vocal about it.

    However Rainbow won’t turn back any des ion they make over fan rage. I mean they killed him off made it stick and tossed Roxy to they side, brought Daphne back and got her married in less then a year, oh and broke up Musa and Rivan.

    Sorry boys Nex is here to stay.

    Yeah that sounded smug as I typed it but my point still stands. Nex is Aisha new love interest and I really want to see what happens next between them.

  3. Well now that’s a fresh perspective and I didn’t even think about KatAang allusions either even though it’s so obvious.

  4. I know that was a hypothetical quote but I wouldn’t say that they’re “incompatible.” While they are opposites in more ways than one, I felt like they had more and common than they did in differences. Both are competitive, sporty, prideful (Nex more so than Aisha half of the time), etc. As much as I didn’t like Nex at first, I felt like it was only a matter of time before Aisha warmed up to him.
    And man, now I can’t unsee Nex’s fiery blue hair.

    • Most fans don’t see how or why Aisha would fall in love with a guy like Nex, because of some of his traits. That’s more what I meant, but you’re right. And yeah…I can’t unsee the fire hair now, either! 😂

  5. *deep breath* Here’s my Sparxshipping rant I promised. Just warning you all: this is going to be extraordinarily long, so don’t waste your time if you’re in a hurry.

    While I do admit that the classic dynamic of shipping good and bad usually appeals to me, Bloom and Valtor is an extreme case. I don’t ship them, and the idea of them being romantically involved makes me shudder. When it comes to reasons why, let’s start with a list of all the crap that Valtor has put Bloom through:

    – He was created by the people who wanted to kill her family and her planet, and they raised him to be completely evil and assist them with it. That’s not his fault, of course; but he served the Ancestral Witches willingly (we, the audience, weren’t there, but if Valtor wasn’t doing this of his own free will, I think the writers would have told us). That means that he is responsible for all of the attacking of Domino and other villainous actions he performed pre-series.
    – Made one of her best friends temporarily blind; the actions of him and his minions the Trix almost led to the deaths of three of her other friends.
    – Fused her teacher and mentor’s life force with a tree’s.
    – Repeatedly tried to kill her friends, and only spared her in the hopes that she would join him.
    – Played head games with her the entire season and took full advantage of the fact that she thought he was the only one who knew what happened to her parents.
    – Tried to kill a lot of people that she cared about, caused her tons of strife, and was just constantly a word that I’m not going to say.
    – Is essentially the Winx Club version of Voldemort, whereas she’s the Winx Club version of Harry Potter.

    …I’ll stop here, but I think you get the point.

    (Quick note: I’m not going to use the obvious answer of ‘pedophilia’ as an argument. Even though Valtor looks like he’s in his thirties-ish, when you think about it, he’s technically around the same age as Bloom. That “spark falling into the darkness” event couldn’t have happened too far away from Bloom’s birth.)

    Not to mention that some of their scenes together give me a creepy “why is this a thing that is happening” feeling. I doubt this was Rainbow’s intent with these scenes, and maybe I’m just reading way too into it, but they give off a certain vibe of…I don’t know how to describe it, so I’ll just give an example. I’ll use 3×05, the first time Bloom and Valtor actually talk to each other. (I’m using the Nick dub of the episode for reference.) Bloom has just been knocked out of the sky, and is laying on a stone building thing, unconscious. Valtor enters (creepily, but epically), and Bloom regains consciousness. Valtor says, “Hello, Bloom,” then kneels down and attempts to touch her face. Bloom leans away from him. Valtor says something like, “Don’t be afraid, we’re old friends, you and I,” and he touches Bloom’s middle bang as he says it.

    You can kind of justify Valtor’s actions here; at the time, he was trying to get the only other keeper of the Dragon Flame to join him. But that doesn’t stop this scene from being extremely creepy. My main problem here is that Bloom recoils, and then Valtor continues to touch her head. It gives off a feeling of sexual harassment. I know that Valtor probably didn’t have that intent, but regardless. You can’t touch people without their consent. (Also, if you’re trying to win someone over, you probably shouldn’t rise them up from a stone mezzanine at the bottom of the ocean, enter creepily when they gain consciousness, refer to them by name when they’ve never met you before, and randomly touch their hair. But Countess Cassandra and Diaspro didn’t mind when Valtor entered the room weirdly and offered them great power, so maybe he just doesn’t know that that’s a creepy thing to do.)

    This isn’t the only time something weird like this has happened; we all know about Anagan’s weird flirting with Flora. But this is the only time where the fandom has jumped on it and began shipping it. (As far as I know. Are there people out there who ship…Floranagan?) Valtor has caused the most headaches for the Winx, and Bloom especially (except maybe the Trix, due to the sheer amount of times they’ve been on the show). The only times he’s ever nice to Bloom is in an attempt to get her to join him, and if they did ever become romantically involved with each other, he’d probably just use her for her Dragon Flame.

    A slightly related thing to this that irritates me is the fanbase’s desperation to not ship Bloom with Sky. Yes, he’s a boring, overused character, and yes, they’ve got the second most dysfunctional relationship in the entire series. Here’s the solution: just don’t ship Bloom and Sky. Or ship Bloom with Captain Hook, if you have to. Just don’t ship her with someone who constantly manipulated her mind and emotions, and tried to kill her friends and family more than once.

    TLDR: I personally don’t like the idea of Bloom being shipped with someone who has caused her extreme emotional trauma and tried to kill her family, friends, and kingdom on multiple occasions.

    • Pretty much everything you said is why I don’t ship them, either (though I understand it from the yin-yang angle). I also agree that some fans are probably just sick of Bloom and Sky, especially since Rainbow insists they’re the perfect couple even though they’ve had almost as many issues as Musa and Riven did. As for Floranagan, I’ve seen it. I haven’t seen it a lot, but it’s out there.

      • Maybe the reason why Bloom & Sky are the perfect couple has to do with…Sky’s the Lois to Bloom’s Superman? If you think about it Lois & Clark have just as much drama as Bloom and Sky, but unlike Musa & Riven…Bloom & Sky at least make legitimate attempts to improve despite their trust issues. Lois & Clark did this too and the it worked for them, they have a son now who’s learning how to be superboy. And I agree.. Bloom would never want to be with someone who is a monster trying to kill everybody she cares about. Sparxshipping is a burning waste of time.

        • You know you use alot of DC despite the fact how Bloom came to earth is kinda a heavily modified Sailor Moon bit. A ancient Kingdom destroyed by a dark force with a almost majestic figure in someway ensuring hope for the future with the character later rebuilding the Kingdom. Seriously it smell of Sailor Moonquese more then it does anything.

          I mean Harry Potter and Sailor Moon where the series biggest inspirations with magical schools being a stable of the series, Faragonda taking a role of Dumbledore, Griffin being a former member of the forces of evil and a teacher of a school of Dark magic is parrel to Snape, the Magica girl nature using the codifed example set by Sailor Moon with the Min Protagonist being the strongest of the group, Never mind the power of love in this series is what allowed for some of the most amazing things, Bloom healing herself affter hearing that Sky loved her, Sky removing the Sword of Domino and destroying the Ancestrals with Bloom, Musa using the song her mother loved to return the Whales of moledy back to normal, Yep that was likely borrowed from Sailor Moon as well.

          In fact Iginio admitted that Stella is modeled after the titular character of Sailor Moon.

          In fact when they interdicted time travel… I was kinda wondering if Bloom and Sky daughter from the future would show up given this servers tendency to pull from/pay homage to Sailor Moon.

          You should probably try to use more Harry Potter and/or Sailor Moon references.

          • I’m not the only person who uses comic references in the fandom. Many others here have also used DC references…and Bloom’s story can be seen as another Superman origin. Also there’s already plenty of in show SM references. Doesn’t mean there aren’t other references either. Making SM references is simply “going with the flow” and where’s the fun in that?

          • Yeah, Sailor Moon is the obvious comparison, but it’s not the only thing Iginio Straffi had ever seen before making Winx Club. I’m sure you can make plenty of comparisons to other series, even if they’re not directly what he was thinking of.

          • But it’s a magical girl series and its fundementally different from comic books… For one being a loner is wrong and moral Dilimas don’t exist and true companions are the reason a team exists at all which is why new members are’t a thing.

          • @ Dragon, I think we’re just gonna have to agree to disagree on what can and can’t happen and what can and can’t be alluded to.

          • @Willl N

            Yeah… I probably won’t do that. Sorry but I rather tell the truth then pretend I will.

            Also the Winx website was updated in 2016 and once again the official members are Six. Keep in mind the Website is runned by Rainbow so according to Rainbow their are only six members. No part-timers, no honary members just six.

            Yes their may be a slip up but its been corrected.

          • @Will N

            Yeah I’m also taking up a vow to fight misinformation and so I probably won’t stop.

          • There’s a difference between misinformation and fan theories. Saying, “Netflix made World of Winx” is misinformation. A simple look at the end credits will prove that wrong.

            But it’s not impossible for Roxy and Daphne to be “part-timers” (so to speak). No, they’re not marketed as Winx, but they’re the only two characters who have been treated as part of the club. By that, I mean traveling alongside them and getting to wear matching outfits.

            What do you call that? They’re not Winx, but they’re not minor characters, either. Rainbow has made an odd compromise with these two, and it’s hard to know what to label them.

          • @OP

            Allies would be the correct term. Its just I don’t know if that crossed peoples minds mostly because so many in the fandom want Roxy to be a Winx.

            I’m starting to rant but it’s clear part-timers don’t exist with the Winx yet allies like the old company of light, Daphne, Alfea and Roxy due but the idea of making them a Winx percents because everyone thought Roxy was going to be one that when it didn’t they have come up with ways to make it so.

            I get it I didn’t want to believe it once myself but I excepted it after awhile.

          • @OP

            Also sorry about the more jerkiness posts. I’ve been so frustrated and mad about these things lately that I’ve started arguing with people. I feel like their nothing but confusion all around a lot of fan theories seem thrown out and I find myself arguing with people over and over.

            Seriously I saw so many wrong posts on youtube about the series at times I wonder if no one pays attention to it. So many people think Bloom’s powers are mundane fire… and I’ve seen these comments coming from those who either didn’t pay attention at all or did but think the DF is just fire and not the essence of creation… or those that forgot it after being told it. Actually their was a few comments about it Will N himself.

            I apologist for bringing it here but I just can’t take it anymore.

          • @OP @Will N’

            Look I’ll explain both why it seems Rainbow is making it look confusing about Roxy’s and Daphne’s place within the Show.

            When Roxy was introduced they seemed to have not thought it completely through on her relationship. At one point they probably attended for her to be a Winx but later on they realized the mistake of having a newbie on a group of fully trained and experienced fairies. The fact is that thhey eiither had to make her a Dasmal in destress or push her back alot… or they make her even more exceptional then Bloom and so tailed just to justified. The first one won’t get old very quickly the second one would make her a Canon Mary Sue.

            So instead of taking either of those routes they just decided to take the path of least resistance and have her not be a Winx. Unfortunately the fans had spent years thinking she was a Winx so that only succeed in shooting themselves in the foot.

            With Daphne after bringing her back they tried promoting the sixth season with her along with her sisters and the Winx… and cause many to think she was joining the group. As before they didn’t quite planned it out but had her tag along for a bit which usually never happened with the prefernse allies save Roxy.

            This is where I think Rainbow messed up this gives a idea to the fans that they are Winx yet Rainbow didn’t see it like that.

            Now with Daphne their enough contrafiery over restoring her back to a physical form (or alive) that they can easily slip her out without having to deal with it.

            But with Roxy who many still think is the 7th Winx due to years… that’s a different issue. She has a sizable group who want her to be one and it seems they can’t get rid of them. Because of thhis they cann’t pull a Mirta and just toss her into the background until the fans stop asking and just forget about her.

            They could try the easy way and just kill her off, However given how the fans felt about the last kill off that wouldn’t go over well.

            The option they are doing now is to just give her fans a bare minimum. Let her work with the Winx every now and again give her minor plot points but leave her out of the Winx and hope for the best.

            However I think they are doing it in such a way to phase out the idea that she should be a Winx. By showing that she doesn’t get the transformations doesn’t go with them on their traveling adventures they are showing that she doesn’t fit in with them. In WoW S1 Roxy does join Bloom with the spy stuff but she doesn’t really seem to like it showing that she doesn’t seem suited to follow the Winx.

            Rainbow created a “Roxy Problem” due to not planning ahead when they made season 4 and are paying for it.

          • @ Dragon, yes i made odd sounding comments on YT, it happens…i can be Stella levels of crazy, but whenever one tries to touch a hot topic in this fandom (the Roxy believix conundrum for example.) it’s either crazy or “Tecna, too technical!” and some are so adamant about “continuity overrules Rainbow’s marketing” My initial response was back when Roxy was confirmed a believix “Does Rainbow ever give a dragon about continuity?” I tried to make some comments from the more Tecna angle too… but here’s the thing…Everyone gets dragged into crazy…and the over analyst side is treated as illogical. If you want to fight fan misinformation fine, just let those that don’t agree with you have their fun too.

    • Actually given the appearance of ages with Griffin… he’s probably older then Daphne (who doesn’t look it but in season 7 she’s in her early 40s chronologically, or late 30s in season 3 though by math with Giriffin and Faragonda ages I once put him between 60 and 80 years old so yeah he was hitting on a 17 year old). So yeah he is a pedophile… as for the spark falling into the Darkness bit that kinda happened when the Dragon was creating the universe so… he several billion years old… (yeah I should stop now this is making me sick as I type this…)

      Moving on, Another thing is that it seems he might not be a natural being but a artificial human (well Demon, you could make as case for his real form being that thing) given he was formed into a a man by the Ancestral, so yeah he probably isn’t able to be good given who his creators are.

      It’s also clear latter on he was hoping to add her fairy dust pendent to his collection… which points to the fact he doesn’t see her as anything but kinda a trophy… which again makes the above flirting… even More uncomfortable.

      Also he was willing to put out her Dragon Flame… which would mean killing her.

      In fact he had the gall to ask her to spear him after all he did to her her friends and the universe… yeah when Bloom put out his fairy dust I chaired.

      • There are three rules in the Winx…Never ever tick off Bloom…it won’t end well. The other never? Never tick off Flora….Bloom hath no fury like a Flora wilted….and don’t get me started on how Stella would be ticked if Bloom was hurt and she didn’t know about it until well after the fact.

        • Yeah though the more I think about Sparxshipping the more I wonder if it began life as a crack shipping before snowballing out of control…

          • @Jordan

            Technically yes but a crack shipping is be fandom different ion a ship what shouldn’t be possible due to either

            The characters never meeting.

            The characters being willing to kill the other for many justifiable reasons.

            Being poured with something out of left field.

            Spar shipping by this is a crack shipping while a pairing like Bloom and Seliena has at least some bases that give it a stream of possibility.

    • A clap and a half to you, man. Sorry, I don’t get the whole hype behind Bloom x Valtor (if the hype is still around) and I don’t like the ship for the same reasons you’ve stated. Valtor has gone out of his way to try and ruin the lives of Bloom AND the Winx inside and out once they started opposing him. I mean, his very first act directly against the Winx was blinding Aisha because she thought the she was as worthless as Andros, the realm he has JUST started conquering by the time the Winx got there. And why? All because Aisha is Andros’ princess and she was protecting her home. Valtor blinded her because he thought she was useless.
      In fact, Valtor pretty much dismissed ALL of the Winx minus Bloom as useless, except for when he needed to toy with them in order to get a rise out of Bloom. He reveled in emotional manipulation and gaslighting. Every time he saw Bloom falter in any way, he would exploit it and, even then, the entirety of his interactions with Bloom were because he wanted to get revenge on the last living heir to the Domino Royal Family. He basically wanted to make Bloom’s life a living h**l all because her parents were Oritel and Marion. Yeah, he reached out to her and was fixated on her, but I highly doubt that he had romantic feelings behind it; not even twisted ones. If Bloom WERE to side with him, then he could exploit the Dragon’s Flame directly, much like how he exploited the Trix’s crushes on him.
      And again, his entire reason for putting Eraklyon under his thumb by having Diaspro place the kingdom’s only heir into a trance was because he knew it’d crush Bloom.
      None of this is romantic. Not in the slightest. Even people with half a mind wouldn’t fall for a man like that, no matter how handsome he apparently is in-universe.

      And since OP mentioned Flora x Anagan, I feel like that one’s not that big of an issue because it just doesn’t have that big of a following. Yeah, they’ve got their weird bits of flirting (more so with Anagan; he even said Flora was “his favorite fairy”) but Flora DID almost KILL the guy with thorny vines. Needless to say, I think Anagan got the memo. Plus, I feel like Roxy x Ogron is the worse culprit; it’s just like Bloom x Valtor but worse as both characters share less chemistry, be it positive or negative; most definitely negative.

      • Yeah… how can someone think Roxy X Ogron makes any sense? Never mind his hate for her and the fact she’s nothing but a means for power… He’s a full grown man he’s hundreds of years old and Roxy is 16!

          • Okay btw new idea
            How would Rainbow handle it if say roxy or selina were in a relationship with a girl
            Here’s another one
            What if bloom to save her life had to combine the light and dark sides of each fairy from that she has gotten together

          • @Jordan

            If they could get away with it or if they would be allowed to. RAI network is Italian and they aren’t to big on that whole thing… I think… I don’t know for sure.

          • @Jordan
            That’s kind of a thing a lot of people in the fandom want and I wish they’d be more considerate on where Winx Club originates. I’m not completely sure, but I’ve been hearing and reading about how Italy is notorious for not having laws in place to protect homosexuals and being openly gay is heavily frowned upon in not just Italy, but in many other countries. Not every country is as open about it as the US is (or likes to make others believe, who knows).
            This may also be completely off-topic and I say this without the intention of hurting anyone but, half of the time, I feel like some of the fandom fetishizes the idea of a Winx girl being involved with another girl. While I know that they may genuinely want to see a non-heterosexual couple to broaden representation (Rainbow went out of their way to make most of their characters, minor or major, colored people among other things), I always get reminded of yuri/yaoi; neither of which is actually for the LGBTA community as it fetishizes the more sexual aspects of a person being with someone of the same gender or sex. I dunno, some people just hype it up way too much and it comes off as creepy to me.

          • well the bloom and selina pairing or fire serpent shipping was an idea i came up for a bloom mental breakdown story which was fun to write so i rolled with it resulting in
            the pair getting married and starting a family and gave selina a fairy form exclusive the serpentix

      • Dark Bloom is a unnatural thing happened to Bloom and when compared to Bloom DB has no real personality is basically a flat character and a gimmic which is popular mostly (well only really) because of the hate for Bloom.

          • No. It was clear Darkar could only do that because he was Blooms opposite. Anyone else would fail due to the Dragon Flame that flows though her vines.

          • I highly doubt it. The only reason Dark Bloom happened was because Darkar placed some dark smoke infection inside her with his Avalon imposter.
            Not only did she heal herself of it using the Ultimate Power but Darkar’s dead. The spell he used most likely died with him.

          • @WispyWinds

            Actually she used her own powers to heal herself and not the Ultimate power. In fact Darkar was trying to absorb when that happened. Keep in mind this was back when she could heal (before Rainbow Realized her healing powers could potentially bring the dead back).

          • I thought she also used the Ultimate Power because if up and vanished by the time she and everyone else are fully healed, making it so Darkar couldn’t use it anymore.
            Also, the first and only time we saw Bloom use her healing powers WAS to bring Sky back from the dead, so Rainbow always knew it could do that. They probably just toned it down in later seasons so that tragic character deaths wouldn’t suddenly lose all tension and meaning.
            Y’know, kinda like how almost no one watching the Dragon Ball series can really feel sad about a major character dying because they either hang out with everyone is undead spirits, making it seem like their death didn’t change anything, or they’re just wished back into being alive again.

          • @WispyWinds

            Nope she used her powers to heal herself and everyone. However she was the one who completed the spell to summon the power and that is why it disappeared soon after wards. Because Darkar didn’t think it was possible for her to fight back he had her prefer the spell. Of course being the one who did she could easily undo it returning the power and dying it to Darkar. I mean didn’t you see the glow around her? That’s pretty much the glow of when she let loose her powers in season 1.

            This was the second time she used her healing powers but would be the last she ever used it on that scale… (keep in mind she manged to also bring Rivan back from (near or not) death.)

            She started to use it a lot in season 4 which made the fact she just sit their and did nothing as Nabu was dying a hard pill to swallow. After season 4 they abandoned it because of the fact due to the fact with no real defined limit to her powers (considering they created reality their might not be mouch of a use) and because the logical conclusion of healing is bringing the dead back to life… they removed it so they didn’t have death is cheap.

          • Plus as stated before Bloom is Darkar opposite so if he’s able to cast a spell like that it stands to reason she could break it.

          • Actually Her negative qualities are her escapist nature to run away from, her impassiveness and her stubnnornist.

            Most of what was seen is actually not how Bloom would react at all if those treats took over.

            You know before character derailment hit everyone,

          • Now think of how you can have a sturborn, impulsive, escapists girl with rage issues and see how Darkar can get her to follow his order?

            You can’t as why should she not just blast him apart or just leave cause she doesn’t want to. Never mind adding the derailment negative traits would make her practically uncorptive for anything.

            Dark Bloom was more a puppet then actual Bloom.

    • No it’s Bloom and Darkar. They are compete opposites because of the nature of their essence.

  6. Wouldn’t there be dark versions of every fairy forms from season 2 onwards inside bloom’s magic since how can be absolutely sure that dark bloom was destroyed since nobody has bothered to check bloom’s magic for any remnants of darkar’s magic

    • Actually she’s had fairy dust used on her before. Also the spell is likely to have been broken with Darkars death.

      Also Darkar kinda doesn’t have magic. Being the Shadow Phoenix the direct opposite of the Dragon it’s kinda clear he can’t make magic more does he have his own. He solely absorbs magic that already exists and uses it. It’s likely Blooms Dragon Flame purified the magic or such given it created the magic he using.

      Actually thinking of that dinamtic feels like a a shout out to Lord of The Rings.

        • He has no magic but he able to absorb the magical energy and use the energy he absorbed.

          Its not all that hard to understand. He can’t create energy so he can only use what’s lying around and lucky him magic is practically everywhere and his existence as the Dragon Flames opposite means he can absorb it. When Aisha want into Shadowhunt she slowly lost her magic as his presence was absorbing any bit of magic close to him.

          In other words he is using stolen power as its literally his nature.

          • Wait a minute…Shadowhaunt? Are you talking specifically about the 4Kids dub then? I think things were different in the original. If I remember correctly, the caves weren’t draining energy. Aisha was just feeling weak, possibly from climbing and fighting her way in.

          • Actually I believe I’m taking about the original RAI translation.

            The 4kids one had it it be because of the Dark presence of the caves or something.

  7. I once heard a quote you might like.

    Life and Death have been in love longer then words can describe. Life sends countless gifts to Death, and Death keeps them forever.

    Came to thought when I was reading your post. 🙂

  8. totally off topic what i think is they should have is an episode where the dark side of the specialists meet the light side of the fairies sure they had that one episode where the boys were elemental constructs but that wasn’t actually the specialists just a trick

    • The elemental constructs thing also took way too much time in the finale, which possibly resulted in Valtor’s death falling so flat. I mean, c’mon, Fairy Dust basically killed him; making it seem like getting the Water Stars wasn’t even worth the effort (it was from the inside-out but still).
      And the girls have met with darker versions of the Specialists before; mainly Aisha with the Nabu illusion feeding into her guilt. But, hey man, I am all for the Specialists being relevant in ways that AREN’T just for relationship drama and trying to put Tuxedo Mask to shame when it comes to being either knocked out or kidnapped.

      • Actually it wasn”t so much fairy Dust as Bloom’s essence. Keep in mind Bloom body and the fairy dust was lying on the ground unconscious while her essence went out and did battle with him. The fact she was using fairy dust could be actually seen as a visual of her fire putting him out.

        Also season 6 tried to fix the fact they where mostly useless by giving them magical weapons… before tossing two of them away.

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